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Yoga Teachers Insurance

Yoga Teachers Insurance

Yoga liability insurance is an investment every yoga teacher and schools/studios should make, it will allow you to work in venues that require individual yoga instructor insurance; and having yoga liability coverage protects yoga instructors against damages incurred or legal actions brought about by claimants as a result of the instructor's teaching duties.

Liability insurance companies now require yoga teacher applicants to be qualified and registered with a Yoga Organisation. This provides security both for the professional yoga teacher and the public. The general perception is that a credentialed policy holder, is professional, experienced, mature and the odds of claims are reduced.

Yoga Teachers Professional and Public Liability Insurance and Health Funds

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co (Aus) Limited,  Australian Insurance BrokersThe Alliances are the largest membership Yoga Organisations in the world with thousands of members worldwide and best known for setting recommended Standards for Yoga Teacher Training Programs. Liability insurance companies look favourably upon applicants registered with a renowned organisation.

Yoga Alliance-International Australia is accredited with: Arthur J. Gallagher & Co (Aus) Limited, one of the largest Australian Insurance Brokers. Arthur J. Gallagher & Co welcomes YAA members and offers an affordable professional insurance policy and Special Offers with competitive rates.

For more detailed information on Arthur J. Gallagher & Co the Insurance cover, rates and modalities covered, please see the Special Offer for all new YAA Members here: Insurance Combined Liability

*Before you buy a policy, it is highly recommended that you obtain professional advice and carefully consider which insurance policy and company best meets your needs.

Health Funds Rebate

Yoga Alliance-Australia International is an accredited Organisation with the majority of Australian Health Funds. For more detailed information on Health Fund claims please see here: Yoga Participating Health Funds

* Please note that the majority of Insurance Policies will only cover teachers based in Australia.


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