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Teacher Membership Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms below carefully before ordering any Products from ("our site"). You may wish to print a copy of these Terms and Conditions.

By joining as a member, you are agreeing to comply with our terms and conditions. If you refuse to accept these terms and conditions, please refrain to place any order for any Products from our site.

Last Updated on and Valid as of 1.2.2019


  1. Placement of an order with us (“Order”) constitutes an offer by you to purchase goods and services from us. The Order is placed when it is submitted to us.

  2. Orders are automatically accepted when we receive the application form available on web-site duly compiled by you. Order of goods or services constitutes notice of our acceptance of the order or service.

  3. If we accept the Order, a binding agreement between you and us will arise on these terms and conditions.

  4. Applicants must be certain of their registration, why they are registering and with whom.

  5. Refunds are not given after registration/renewals/upgrades, no exceptions.

  6. Prices are as stated on the site: Teacher Membership Fees

  7. All membership Fees are inclusive of $ 50 Join Fee.

  8. The applicant agree that Yoga Alliance reserves the right to review the teacher’s qualifications or to request updated information at any time.

  9. The applicant agree that Yoga Alliance reserve the right to change the membership products and annual renewal fees at any time throughout the year without notice


"Registry" means Yoga Alliance.

"Register" means record on the System the location of where a Document is stored.

  1. Membership is valid for three (3) years or one (1) year depending on the package.

  2. To maintain your RYT membership with Yoga Alliance and continue to use the accreditation logo and the Public Profile listing on our online Directory membership must be renew prior the expiry date ( (1) year or three (3) years) depending on the membership package.

  3. If an application is rejected, FULL refund applies.

  4. Membership starts from the date on the certificate the applicant will receive as part of the registration process, and on the online Registry Member’s Public Page.

  5. Membership is not transferable or assignable and is void where prohibited.

Application Processing Time

  1. Applications are processed within 15/20 working days or less from the date received (depending on the volume of work) if the required documents are provided and payment has been received. *Delays may occur for applications deemed incomplete.

  2. Whilst the application is being processed, our web-designers will create Your Public Profile on the Yoga Alliance online Registry. From the date the public page is live, you are officially a member of Yoga Alliance and no refund of the paid registration fee applies.

Teacher Insurance

  1. Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance is not included in the registration fees. We are accredited with Arthur J. Gallagher & Co, one of the largest Australian Insurance Brokers. Arthur J. Gallagher & Co welcomes YAA members and offers an affordable professional insurance policy and Special Offers with competitive rates, please read more Insurance Combined Liability

Membership Renewal

  1. It is the responsibility of each member to make sure they renew their membership each year

  2. When an expired Membership is renewed, the new Membership term is one (1) year or three (3) years depending on the chosen package beginning on the date of renewal.

  3. One (1) year Membership cannot be place on temporary Time Hold under any circumstances.

  4. One (1) year Membership will automatically lapse on the expiry date. No ‘grace period’ applies. Where a one (1) year membership fee has not been paid, a FULL one (1) year membership fee applies, no exceptions

  5. Members agree that it is their responsibility to notify Yoga Alliance in writing by e-mail that membership has been paid prior to its expiry date. *Yoga Alliance accepts NO responsibility if members fail to comply with this requirement

Membership Termination

  1. A Member that is not in compliance with relevant Requirements may have their Registration status revoked. Those who have had their Registration status revoked may no longer represent themselves as holding the revoked credential or designation and will not be able to use Yoga Alliance trademarks to indicate such.
  1. A Member that is not in compliance with Standards or Requirements, Yoga Alliance may display a message on the Member’s public directory profile page indicating suspension for non-compliance, until the Member makes necessary changes and is verified to be in compliance.
  1. A Member that does not make the required changes to come into compliance during the designated period will have its Membership designation revoked and/or may be restricted from renewing a Membership designation.

Refusal of Application to Join

  1. Yoga Alliance reserves the right to reject with or without any reason at all any application for admission to the Yoga Alliance’s Registry as a RYT Member including where the applicant was a former RYT Member of the Yoga Alliance’s Registry.


  1. From the day after your application payment is received, we offer a cooling off period of 3 days, in which you can change your mind for any reason and request to cancel your membership. We will however, withhold $ 50 non-refundable administration fee in the event of a cancellation to cover our time charges.

  2. After these 3 days, we have a strict NO REFUND policy under any circumstances. If you wish to cancel your membership after this time, then we will do this without refund of the fees paid.

Receiving Membership Documents and Logos

  1. All Yoga Alliance membership certificates and Tax Invoice are processed within 15/20 days from the date the application was received complete of the payment and required supporting documents.

  2. All certificates and Tax Invoice will be provided in a PDF version which you can print off and will be sent to the email address provided when you applied to join Yoga Alliance. They will only be sent, once we have activated your membership.

Yoga Alliance Trademark Usage

  1. Valid registration with YOGA ALLIANCE as an RYT affords you the permission to use the YOGA ALLIANCE  marks. RYTs are granted non-exclusive permission for a period of one (1) year or three (3) three for the use of a level-specific designation in all advertising and promotion material which indicates to the public they meet Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher high standards.

  2. RYT/RYS/CEAS Registry Marks cannot be used by any schools or teachers that are not currently registered or have terminated membership with Yoga Alliance

  3. YOGA ALLIANCE marks include, YOGA ALLIANCE and other device marks. The Yoga Alliance marks are registered in Australia and other countries. Members agree that the trademarks should be used as we have provided.

Courtesy Reminders

  1. Yoga Alliance will send all members two (2) courtesy reminders only, in the month prior to the renewal date to remind them of the upcoming renewal expiry date. Yoga Alliance will NOT be held responsible if reminders go missing in cyberspace, land in the spam folder or other circumstances.

Violation of Yoga Alliance’s Policies

If a registrant or member violates our Teacher Registration Terms and Conditions or any of our Policies Yoga Alliance reserves the right to terminate a membership, and remove the member from the online teachers registry without prior notice or explanation. No membership refunds applies under any circumstances.

For further information on how to register please visit: Teacher Membership Guidelines


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