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Yoga Teacher Designation Upgrades

Registered Teachers can upgrade to a higher Designation if their registration status with Yoga Alliance® (Australia) is still active.

RYTs Silver Designation 200-250-350

Teachers are offered two options to upgrade to a higher designation.

  1. RYTs 200-250-350 may count 40 hours (30 contact, 10 non-contact) continuing education activities each year throughout the three years registration period. At the end of three years registration, teachers have accrued 120 hour. When completing additional 30 hours on the last year of registration, teachers can upgrade to higher designation.

  2. Undertake further Teacher Training comprising of minimum 80% hours in contact with an ERYT/Senior Teacher. *Segmented qualifications on the same or different topics are not accepted for the purpose of upgrade within designations.

Further information are available here: Continuing Education Requirements

ERYTs Gold Designation

Gold Designation ERYTs can upgrade to a higher designation by undertaking further training and submit evidence of supplementary teaching hours.

ERYT 350 from ERYT 200/250: complete additional 100/150 hours training and submit evidence of supplementary 1000 hours teaching experience (RYT 350 registration teaching hours requirement 3000 hours).

ERYT 500 from ERYT 350: complete additional 150 hours training and submit evidence of supplementary 2000 hours teaching experience (RYT 500 registration requirement 5000 hours).

ERYT-1500 from ERYT 500: complete additional 1000 hours training and submit evidence of supplementary 5000 hours teaching experience (ERYT 1500 requirement 10000 hours).


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