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Yoga Alliance Organisations Structure

Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. Yoga is not, therefore, an activity capable of being regulated.

No “Yoga Governing Bodies” anywhere in the world

Instead of being scared by transparency, Yoga Organisations should embrace it and be clear with consumers and the yoga community about their “real” role within the “unregulated yoga industry”.

Let’s set the record straight, there is no central authority governing Yoga, (nationally or globally) despite the groundless ‘non-protected’ claims made by certain yoga organisations to impress and entice members of the  yoga community into believing that the affiliation with a yoga organisation in the U.S and the rest of the world is required to find employment.  


The international structure of the Yoga Alliance Organisations is particularly extensive and articulated. The first self-appointed organisation to adopt the name “Yoga Alliance” was established in the United States in 1999, accrediting yoga teachers and schools in the U.S to serve the yoga community of the United States and neighbouring countries.

Between 2004 and 2013, due to bad customer service, limited product range, low quality standards for teacher training offered by Yoga Alliance (U.S) and negative publicity of sexual abuse scandals perpetrated by yoga teachers members of the association, other independent organisations in other countries – e.g.Yoga Alliance “Australia”, Yoga Alliance “International”, “Yoga Alliance “Canada”, Yoga Alliance “Italia”, Yoga Alliance “New Zealand”, Yoga Alliance Professionals “UK”, Yoga Alliance “Singapore” etc. were established and trademarked the name “Yoga Alliance”. These organisations, are governed by an independent board of directors, they are unrelated and independent of one another and have their own respective accreditation criteria and professional standards.

The above-mentioned Yoga Alliances whose aim was to bring a “breath of fresh air” to the yoga industry by implementing high quality standard, a more efficient and reliable customer services and a wide range of new products and services for the yoga community at large, contrary to claims made by their fierce competitor Yoga Alliance U.S on their website that “Not All Yoga Alliances Are The Same”, throughout the years have literally changed the face of the yoga industry worldwide with their innovations and ideas that have produced dramatic shifts in competitive position.

In January 2017, Yoga Alliance (Australia) was the first of the Alliance organisations to review and update its Standards system based on the proliferation of low quality teacher training programs, inadequately trained yoga teachers and unscrupulous providers who deliver substandard training. A new set of Standards “250 PLUS” and “500 PLUS for teacher training were successfully introduced across Australia! In September 2017, its sister organisation Yoga Alliance (Italia) in collaboration with the CSEN, Italy’ largest Body for Sports Promotion recognised by the Italian National Olympic Committee CONI, implemented the new set of standards “PLUS” nationwide. On September 1st 2017 exactly twelve hours after the implementation of the new standards in Italy, Yoga Alliance U.S announced on their web-site The Standards Review Project

Who’s Who

In spite of many “Yoga Alliance” being established around the world majority of whom are managed by rough operators who claim their organisation is accredited with and recognised by the local government, there are only a few Yoga Alliance organisations internationally widely recognised by the yoga community, employers and insurance companies and these are mentioned in this article. This group of Alliances are pioneering organisations! In every age a few organisations rise above the rest and "bring fire" to the world—changing the way we live. As the global marketplace continues to expand, nothing less than a commitment to pioneering new and better ways of doing things will serve.


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