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Yoga in ACT Health Clubs and Gyms - Update

Updated 18 May 2015

The ACT Government Office of Regulatory Services has confirmed that as of April 10th 2015 Yoga Alliance (Australia) has been appointed as an “Approved Registration Yoga Body” under the Fair Trading (Fitness Industry) Code of Practice for Yoga fitness services.

We can confirm that this recognition enables yoga teachers who hold a current registration with Yoga Alliance (Australia) to teach in gyms in the ACT. By submitting evidence of registration with Yoga Alliance Australia, RYTs (Registered Yoga Teachers) will automatically be recognised as meeting the requirements for qualifications needed to teach in gyms/health clubs and therefore will not be required to be registered with Fitness Australia.

This decision is in recognition of the consistently high standards for yoga teacher training, and continuing education for yoga professionals maintained by Yoga Alliance Australia.

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 “IGNITE YOGA SUMMIT” Sydney 28 to 30 April 2017

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Yoga Alliance Australia/International Awarded at the
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World Yoga Summit” Beijing June -2016

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World Yoga Summit” Beijing June -2016

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