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Standards for Yin Yoga Teacher Training RYS-250 LVL 1/LVL 2

Yin Yoga Training Programs RYS-250 LVL 1Yin Yoga Training Programs RYS-250 LVL 2

These standards describe Yoga Alliance’s requirements for a Registered Yoga School that offers a ]250 PLUS ours LVL 1 or LVL 2 YIN training program. The syllabus must meet or exceeds our minimum training standards and at least one ERYT designated as a Lead Trainer member of the association. *Only YIN qualified teachers can be the Lead Trainer.

Example Curriculum Model and 5 Educational Categories to be included in a YIN -TT LVL 1 and LVL 2

The Five Units



Unit 1: Bones, Muscles, and Poses

Unit 2: Advanced Anatomy

Unit 3: Chakra Theory and Meditation

Unit 4: The Bhagavad Gita

Unit 5: Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

Accepted Online Components

A minimum online training is acceptable for some subjects, but not all. Content considered not conducive to online learning includes practicing asana, adjustment, assisting. The online hours allowed are listed in each single standard page.

Sanskrit (Asana Nomenclature)



Theory Test

Yoga Text Books

Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics (20 hours can be online)

Note: All RYSs are required to deliver continuing education to ensure that all Yoga Alliance’s RYSs provide high quality continuing education programs for yoga teachers and countless category of professionals within the holistic and wellbeing industry.

Within all Training Courses the criteria below listed must be met

90% of the Teacher Training total hours MUST be contact hours. For example, for a 250 hours course the minimum contact hours must be 225 hours or, for 200 hours course the minimum contact hours must be 180.

Teacher Training MUST be taught by a ERYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) member of our association. *Members of other organisations can convert registration to us.

The Lead Trainer (ERYT) MUST be teaching a minimum of 80% of the course 90% contact hours.

The correct YAA logo MUST be on the home page and training page of the website.

Schools MUST have their syllabus clearly on their website.

All accepted students MUST have at least one year of documented yoga practice.

There are three category of professionals that can teach at your school. They need to meet the following qualifications and experience criteria:

  • Consultants (i.e: Physiotherapists, Psychologists, MDs, Historians or similar recognised professionals) must have a relevant degree, or certification in the subject they will teach. *Evidence required. This category of professionals are not required to become members of the association.

  • RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) member or non-member of Yoga Alliance International. * Must have a minimum RYT 500/500 PLUS/1500 qualification and 3 years’ experience in the subject they will teach.*Evidence Required. This category of professionals are required to register with the association. Members of other organisations can convert registration to us (we do not accept transfers).

  • Non Yoga Person must have a high level of knowledge or skill in a specific field of expertise they will teach. This category must apply for the Expert Teacher a new designation available to every yoga or non-yoga person with no formal qualification.

RYS 150/200/250 PLUS/350/500/500 PLUS/1500/YIN 250 LVL 1 and 2 - $ 750

  • Valid three (3) years

  • No Annual Renewal

  • Single and/or Multiple Designations

  • Membership includes CEAS (Continuing Education Accredited School) RCYS/RPYS/ RYS YIN 50/100 hours to enable RYSs to deliver high standards CE programs recognised worldwide

  • If applied for single designation, can add designations anytime during the three years registration period free of charge


Any person (yoga or non-yoga teacher) doing the CEAS courses can join our online Registry as an “Associate Member” or “Associate Yoga Student” depending on professional background

Before filing for accreditation of your YTT, please check: Membership Guidelines

RYS 250 PLUS hour course
Total number of hours – 250
Contact hours (90%) – 225

Online/Home Study
25 hours

The minimum number of the Lead Trainer contact hours requirements within each ERYT designation is shown in the following table

RYS Designation Leader Trainer Designation Eligibility Lead Trainer 80% of 90% Course Contact Hours Requirements
ERYT 350
ERYT 500
ERYT 1500

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