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Traditional Yoga Studies Online Courses

Distance Learning Courses for Around the World

Traditional Yoga Studies (TYS) is dedicated to promoting authentic yogic teachings and solid research, and to bringing out their relevance in all aspects of life in the 21st century

Brenda Feuerstein – Yoga Alliance® Master Yoga Teacher Brenda Feuerstein Yoga Alliance®-International/Australia  world’s renowned Master Yoga Teacher founder and Director
Distance Learning Courses for Around the World: At present, TYS is offering four distance learning courses (correspondence courses), written and designed by yoga scholar and author  Dr. Georg Feuerstein (Ph.D.). In 2012, Georg Feuerstein nominated his wife, Brenda, as tutor for all the TYS courses and mentor for the mentorship program.

Philosophy/History Training Manual: Check out the beautifully designed Manual for teaching the philosophy/history segment of 200- to 500-hour Yoga teacher training programs, which makes it easy for teachers to teach this aspect of Yoga.

Many teachers find teaching the philosophy section difficult. This manual takes the sting out of this task for both teachers and students. This manual sets a new standard! Offered for the first time in 2007, our manual has thus far been acquired by Yoga teachers in seven countries: Canada, the United States, Australia, Great Britain (Scotland), Sweden, Norway, and Holland. This Manual is available as an e-book and a hard copy through the mail.

Tread lightly on this Earth. Be kind to all creatures. Live simply. Consume less. Avoid air travel. Find alternatives to car travel. Delight in a vegetarian diet. Grow your own food if possible. Use water sparingly. Lobby for a saner, healthier world. Georg Feuerstein, Ph.D. and Brenda Feuerstein

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A Must Have Teacher Training Manual

Manual for the Philosophy/History Segment of
200-500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Programs

Compiled by Georg Feuerstein, Ph.D.

Dr.Georg Feuerstein Yoga Training Manual


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