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Yoga Teacher Training Graduates Testimonials

Yoga Teacher Training Graduates Testimonials

Gheranda Samitha Hatha Yoga Teacher Training®


The testimonials below, are from teachers that have completed the 250 hour Gheranda Samhita Hatha Yoga Teacher Training.

Teacher Testimonials

The teacher training faculty were nurturing, patient and generous persons and teachers who inspires me to explore myself and my world through Yoga. No matter what the circumstances, they maintains a consistent and high level of spirit and attention to their teaching that makes each student in their class feel as though she were speaking directly and only to them. Yoga Alliance Australia employs the best yoga tutors in Australia. Sarah B – Sydney

I feel lucky to have walked into  the  Yoga Alliance Australia’s Gheranda Samhita Hatha Teacher Training® Course and be given such precious teachings. The tutors direction has shown me a path that I sense I will travel for quite some time, and it's really been a privilege for me to have your guidance. Angie - Perth

I am so glad I chose to do the Yoga Alliance International’s Foundation Level 1 Advanced  Intensive 200 hour Teacher Training in Perth. I was given so much knowledge and confidence during the course. I now feel I can go out and teach yoga to others. A big thanks to all tutors for being so nurturing during the course. I feel so blessed to have had such a teacher. Claire - Perth

Yoga Alliance International’s Teacher Training is  a wonderful all round course covering all aspects of yoga, wide diversity of  experienced teachers is a plus, all asana work was excellent. I will recommend to anyone interested in getting a deep knowledge of yoga theory and practice. I walked in as a yoga practitioner, I walked out as a complete and confident Yoga Teacher! Thanks to the wonderful tutors, you made me a new person! Forever grateful!  Hjnalka-Sydney

To anyone who is interested in becoming a yoga teacher I highly recommend Yoga Alliance International’s  Gheranda Samhita Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program® 200 hour Intensive course.The tutors are amazing, full of interesting knowledge in yoga practice and philosophy. They are compassionate with students, encouraging, focused and have full faith and confidence in the students they teach. It is an intensive two week course, lots of information to take in  but I feel extremely lucky to have had this experience with them. I can’t wait to share and inspire others! Courtney S

I would highly recommend Yoga Alliance International’s Gheranda Samhita Hatha Teacher Training® to anyone wanting to become a teacher or deepen their understanding of yoga. The course is both mentally and physically challenging and there is a lot of information to take in in a short amount of time. The teachers are there to share their knowledge, support you and guide you through the course. It was all worth all the hard work in the end, I met some great students that are all going to make wonderful yoga teachers in the future.Jodi

I had been wanting to embark on my teacher training for quite sometimes that covered many aspects of yoga, coming from Brisbane I searched extensively to find a course suitable this included Sydney, India and Indonesia. I came across Yoga Alliance International’s Gheranda Samhita Hatha Teacher Training® Program and instantly enrolled based on the extensive curriculum. I made the journey to Perth and it was beyond my expectations. Staff had made this very stress free by organising accommodation and having great communication beforehand. The tutors were sensational and I found it hard to leave when the day had finished because  I wanted to keep learning! I am so blessed to have studied under a group of tutors with their extensive knowledge. It did not feel sterile but real and has provided me with the confidence and ability to teach yoga with my heart!. Lexi C. -Brisbane

I honestly recommend this training for anyone wishing to teach yoga at the international level. It is an amazing journey!  A beautiful, enlightening experience that I would do all over again. It has developed, supported and empowered me in my life. Allison Gretely-Sydney

Thanks to all training faculty members for being so supportive during the training course. I felt welcomed from the first day. If anyone is thinking of doing the Yoga Alliance International’s Gheranada Samhita Hatha YogaTeacher Training® Intensive 17 days, I defiantly recommend aspiring teachers to do it! I can’t thank enough, just fantastic! Lisa E

I am very pleased I’ve made the decision to do the Gheranda Samhita Hatha Yoga Teacher Training® with Yoga Alliance International. Thank you so much to the teaching faculty for being highly professional and sharing your knowledge and experiences. I definitively continue my further training where needed with you. I will definitively recommend this yoga programme to my family colleagues, family and friends. Honey N.

This Gheranda Samhita Hata Teacher Training Course® 200 hour Foundation Level 1 Advanced with Yoga Alliance International’s was comprehensive and established a good foundation for those venturing into yoga teaching for the first time. The teachers were very knowledgeable and always willing to share their experiences with us. The way the course was conducted gave us much practical teaching experience, getting us well-prepared for real-life teaching. Lisa

Thanks to the teachers, I learned so much more than I had expected during this course. They made me realise that yoga IS for everyone, and safety for both participants and teachers is always a priority.
I absolutely recommend this course to anyone looking to take up a yoga teacher training course. Liana-Singapore

I enjoyed the Yoga Alliance International’s Intensive Yoga Teacher Training course, I have learnt and grown a lot, my practice has deepened and I feel confident sharing and teaching yoga to my future students. Nathan.

17 days seemed like a long time, but I couldn't imagine how fast the time past. During the Gheranda Samhita Hatha Yoga Teacher Training®, I've learned more than I expected. With great teachers and classmates, things became easier and more enjoyable to deal with. Thanks to everyone I met in the course. It was such a wonderful journey and I'll keep going on my way. It's yogi's choice. Phil 2014.

"I highly recommend Yoga Alliance  Academy’s 17 day Intensive 250 hour  Gheranda Samhita Hatha Teacher Training® Course. The teaching staff are fantastic, they guide you through the course in a genuinely skilled and caring manner. I have learnt so much about yoga, and also about myself. If anyone is considering taking the course - just do it !" Eliza 2014.

“I highly recommend Yoga Alliance Academy’ s 17 day Intensive 250 hour  Gheranda Samhita Hatha Yoga Teacher Training® Program. I found the course extremely enjoyable, professional and the emphasis provided on the practical component of teaching Yoga was invaluable in preparing me to be able to teach Yoga safely and effectively to others. The tutors are encouraging, professional, and experienced in yoga practice and philosophy. The supportive learning environment that is maintained throughout the duration of the course is wonderful and unique to Yoga Alliance Australia. Anyone who is looking to embark upon, or continue their journey as a Yoga Teacher should consider the Teacher Training at Yoga Alliance Australia where the true essence of Yoga can be found”. Quinn 2014.

The past 17 days have been eye opening and transformational. The teachers of the Gheranda Samhita Hatha Training® Course are all wonderful, kind, and nurturing individuals who I am eternally grateful to for this experience. Natalie 2014.

The Gheranda Samhita 250 hour Foundation Level 1 Advanced Teacher Training was such a positive experience that truly changed my life! I am grateful to have been able to train with Yoga Alliance Academy of Yogic Studies and I have had wonderful support from each lecturer since day one. I would recommend this course to all levels of experience. It is a quick and condensed course which was perfect for my lifestyle. The course covers a large amount of information with the added benefit of hands on teaching experience and plenty of time to practice with your own class plans. Worth every penny and I now cherish the friendships that I have Yoga Alliance Australia® to thank for! Lauren 2015.

I had the pleasure in being accepted and taking part in the Yoga Alliance Academy® 250hour Gheranda Samhita Teacher Training held in Perth.
It was a challenging yet transformational experience. Not only did I develop confidence in my abilities but the course is designed in such a way that when you finish, you leave with the belief you can teach and help others through the practice of Yoga.

I was truly immersed into the world of Yoga. I was able to develop my asana practice and was introduced to the history and philosophy of Yoga. Additionally the course is well thought-out to provide students with the necessary building-blocks to become a well-equipped Yoga teacher. Students are taught how to guide and teach a class, from learning how to structure a class to using physical and verbal alignment queues.

Each day was structured and tailored for students where they can challenge and build their skills whilst being a nurturing process.
It was a privilege to be taught by great teachers , and I am looking forward in taking part in future courses with the Yoga Alliance Academy®.

If you want to become a powerful Yoga teacher and learn how to properly teach, I would recommend Gheranda Samhita Yoga Teacher Training. Tanya Bulatovic 2015.

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