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Standards for Yoga Programs RYS-500hr PLUS

Standards for Yoga Programs RYS-500hr PLUS

To elevate the profession of yoga teaching, in January 2017 Yoga Alliance-International reviewed and updated its Standards system. The Standards and their descriptors represent an analysis of effective, contemporary practice by yoga teachers throughout the world

Members and Non-members of the association are welcome to UPGRADE an existing 500 hours programme to ‘PLUS’

Yoga 500PLUS-Hour Standards

These standards describe Yoga Alliance’s requirements for a Registered Yoga School that offers a minimum of 650 hours programme.

*Members of Yoga Alliance U.S, Yoga Australia or a similar recognised organisation are welcome to convert registration to us!

The new Spirit of Standards 500-PLUS for training programme MUST incorporate ALL the Yoga Alliance’s educational categories of study and practice below for a minimum number of designated hours (1-5 mandatory) in the presence of a Senior teacher or ERYT.

  1. Techniques, Training and Practice: 220 hours.

  2. Teaching Methodology: 50 hours.

  3. Anatomy and Physiology: 40 hours.

  4. Yoga History/Philosophy/Lifestyle: 40 hours.

  5. Yoga Teacher Ethics: 10 hours.

  6. 5% of the Training Course MUST be allocated to TEACHING. *Participants MUST be encouraged to practice Teaching.

  7. Safety Risk Assessment: Evaluating the potential risks that may be involved in performing or teaching asana.

  8. Sanskrit: Asana Nomenclature.

  9. Students Teaching: Sequencing and Leading Classes.

  10. Observation/Assisting.

  11. Yoga Text Books.

  12. The business of Yoga - Running and Marketing Studio.

Within all Training Courses the following criteria must be met:

  1. MUST be taught by a Yoga Alliance –International Australia ERYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher). Member Teacher of other organisations can convert registration.

  2. The ERYT MUST be teaching a minimum of 80% of the course contact hours.

  3. 90% of the Teacher Training total hours MUST be contact hours. For example, for a 250 hours course the minimum contact hours must be 225 hours or, for 200 hours course the minimum contact hours must be 180.

  4. 5% of the Training Course MUST be allocated to TEACHING. *Participants MUST be encouraged to practice Teaching.

  5. The correct YAA logos MUST be on the home page and training page of the website.

  6. Schools MUST have their syllabus clearly on their website.

  7. All accepted students MUST have at least one year of documented yoga practice.

  8. All Schools are encouraged to offer post/pre-course mentoring and further training for its graduates.

  9. All Schools MUST provide minimum two Continuing Education Courses. to ensure that all Yoga Alliance’s RYSs provide high quality continuing education programs for yoga teachers and countless category of professionals within the holistic and well-being industry.

500 hour PLUS course

Total number of hours – 650
Contact hours (90%) – 585

The minimum number of the Director of Training contact hours requirements within each RYS designation is shown in the following table:

RYS Designation
Teacher Designation Eligibility by Designation
Director of Training 80% of 90% Course Contact Hours Requirements by Designation
RYS 150 ERYT 200 or
ERYT 350
ERYT 500
ERYT 1500

RYS 200

RYS 250

ERYT 200 or
ERYT 350
ERYT 500
ERYT 1500

144 (RYS 200)

176 (RYS 250)
RYS 300/350  ERYT 350 or
ERYT 500
ERYT 1500

216 (RYS 300)

252 (RYS 350)

RYS 500


ERYT 500/500 PLUS
ERYT 1500


(Varies according to the course total contact hours)

RYS 1500 ERYT 1500

RYS Requirements

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