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Yoga Alliance New "Spirit of Yoga Standards"

New Standards for Training Programs “RYS-PLUS” and “YIN YOGA”

In January 2017, Yoga Alliance-International was the FIRST of the Alliance organisations to review and update its 18 years old Standards system based on the proliferation of low quality yoga teacher training, inadequately trained yoga teachers and unscrupulous providers who deliver substandard training.

By developing and updating standards and offering credentials to those who meet the conditions of the standards, Yoga Alliance provides teachers and schools a measure for quality, safety, and performance that they can claim in order to get jobs or promote themselves to the public.

Following the review of our Standards in Australia and in Italy on September 1st 2017, the same day Yoga Alliance U.S announced “The Standards Review Project” across their website.

We are extremely proud to be a leading organisation who believe in making a difference and inspire other yoga organisations to take steps forward in an unregulated industry to improve the quality of Standards to benefit the yoga community at large. Thanks to the credentialing committee for all of their hard work in this very successful endeavour!

Click one of the Registry Marks below to learn more about the Standard Requirements for each designation

Yoga Alliance® 150 hour Registered Yoga School Yoga Alliance® 200 hour Registered Yoga School Yoga Alliance® 250 Plus hour Registered Yoga SchoolYoga Alliance® 350 hour Registered Yoga School Yoga Alliance® 300 hour Registered Yoga School Yoga Alliance® 500 hour Registered Yoga School Yoga Alliance® 500PLUS  hour Registered Yoga School Yoga Alliance®  Diploma 1500 hour Registered Yoga School

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Accredited SchoolYin Yoga Teacher Training RYS-250 LVL 1Yin Yoga Teacher Training RYS-250 LVL 2

Specialty Designations

Yoga Alliance® Children's Yoga Yoga Alliance Australia Prenatal Yoga Yoga Alliance® RYS YIN 50oga Alliance® RYS YIN 100

Within all Training Courses the criteria below listed must be met
  1. 90% of the Teacher Training total hours MUST be contact hours. For example, for a 250 hours course the minimum contact hours must be 225 hours or, for 200 hours course the minimum contact hours must be 180.

  2. Teacher Training MUST be taught by a ERYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) member of our association. *Members of other organisations can convert registration to us.

  3. The Lead Trainer (ERYT) MUST be teaching a minimum of 80% of the course 90% contact hours.

  4. 5% of the Training Course MUST be allocated to TEACHING. *Participants MUST be encouraged to practice Teaching.

  5. The correct YAA logo MUST be on the home page and training page of the website.

  6. Schools MUST have their syllabus clearly on their website.

  7. All accepted students MUST have at least one year of documented yoga practice.

A minimum online training is acceptable for some subjects, but not all. Content considered not conducive to online learning includes practicing asana, adjustment, assisting. The online hours allowed are listed in each single standard page.

Other Faculty Qualifications

There are three category of professionals that can teach at your school. They need to meet the following qualifications and experience criteria:

  • Consultants (i.e: Physiotherapists, Psychologists, MDs, Historians or similar recognised professionals) must have a relevant degree, or certification in the subject they will teach. *Evidence required. This category of professionals are not required to become members of the association.

  • RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) member or non-member of Yoga Alliance International. * Must have a minimum RYT 500 qualification and 3 years’ experience in the subject they will teach.*Evidence Required. Members of other organisations can convert registration to us (we do not accept transfers).

  • Non Yoga Person must have a high level of knowledge or skill in a specific field of expertise they will teach. This category must apply for the Expert Teacher a new designation available to every yoga or non-yoga person with no formal qualification.

Yoga Alliance® Credentials Seal of Authenticity

To distinguish our organisation from the many “Yoga Alliances” and from rough operators around the world, we are pleased to introduce the new “Seal of Authenticity” which enable us to uphold the credentials with integrity

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