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Yoga School (RYS/CEAS) Registration Guidelines

Yoga School (RYS/CEAS) Registration Guidelines

The globally accepted professional credential for Yoga Schools

Keep ahead of competition with the new standards “RYS PLUS” and “RYS-YIN”for Training Programs! These courses are the best quality courses possible

Registration Benefits

As a RYS, you get all the benefits of a Yoga Alliance membership, like:

  • An internationally-recognised credential that shows you have met our minimum standards of yoga training.

  • A Listing on our RYS directory and tell the world more about who you are as a yoga school.

  • Promotion across our Facebook pages verified as brand Yoga Alliance

  • Discounts on products and services on everything from liability insurance, multiple designations discount.

  • ALL RYS applications are inclusive of the CEAS, a flexible designation inclusive of RPYS/RCYS/RYS YIN 50/100 with ALL RYSs applications.

RYS Registration Requirements

To promote and maintain high standards of excellence in yoga education, our assessment methods and evaluation tools for Training Programs are very selective and stringent to ensure that programs are structured and designed around a set of outcomes to be achieved (competencies), read more: Registration Requirements

Convert Registration from other Organisations

Schools member of other organisations are welcome to convert registration to Yoga Alliance –International and UPGRADE an existing 200/500 hours Training Program to RYS-PLUS: Convert Registration



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