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School (RYS) Membership Levels

The globally accepted professional credential for Yoga Schools

We offer various membership levels to meet everyone's needs!

In January 2017, to elevate the profession of yoga teaching in Australia and internationally, Yoga Alliance–International was the FIRST Alliance organisation to revise and update its 18-year old standards system. In September 2017, Yoga Alliance U.S across its website  announced ‘The New Standards Project’.

Yin Yoga today is something most yogis has tried or heard about. Yin Yoga is now being taught across North America and in Europe, due in large part to the teaching activities of Yin Yoga teachers and developers Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers and Biff Mithoefer: 

Following a significant high number of feedbacks received from the international community, in April 2018, we introduced the new credentials: RYS-YIN 50/100/ 250 LVL1/ 250 LVL2.

The Yoga Alliance’s new Spirit of Yoga Standards system is to include a school in the RYS (Registered Yoga School) online Registry only when its Yoga Teacher Training Program has a definite, pre-defined curriculum of study which meet Yoga Alliance’s International high set of standards, is taught by an ERYT member of the association (non-members can convert from another organisation) and contains 90% contact hours.

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Yoga Alliance RYS YIN-250 LVL 1Yoga Alliance® RYS YIN-250 LVL 2

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