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Registered Yoga School Membership Guidelines

Registered Yoga School Membership Guidelines

The globally accepted professional credential for Yoga Schools

The January 2017 new Spirit of Yoga Standards Scheme is to include a school in the RYS (Registered Yoga School) online Directory only when its YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) meet the requirements set forth by Yoga Alliance.

The Registered Yoga School (“RYS”) and its various Designation levels, are conferred by Yoga Alliance. The RYS credential can be earned by a yoga teacher training program that meets minimum curricular standards (“Standards”), in various categories, as further detailed here.

A RYS may hire consultants to deliver specific components within the course syllabi, who provide expert advice in a particular field of expertise (i.e. Anatomy, Yoga History and Philosophy, Sanskrit etc.)

All RYSs are required to deliver Continuing Education Courses to ensure that all Yoga Alliance’s RYSs provide high quality continuing education programs for yoga teachers and countless category of professionals within the holistic and wellbeing industry.

Educational Categories of Study and Practice

The school will accept students with at least one year of documented yoga practice

Mandatory inclusion in all YTT

  1. Techniques, Training and Practice.

  2. Teaching Methodology. 

  3. Anatomy and Physiology. 

  4. Yoga History/Philosophy/Lifestyle.

  5. Yoga Teacher Ethics.

Please see each standard’s detailed description for the definition of each educational category as it relates to that specific designation: Spirit of Yoga Standards

Additional Educational Categories

Inclusion in all YTT

  1. 5% of the Training Course MUST be allocated to TEACHING. *Participants MUST be encouraged to practice Teaching.

  2. Asana Risk Assessment: Evaluating the potential risks that may be involved in performing or teaching advanced postures.

  3. Sanskrit: Asana Nomenclature.

  4. Students Teaching: Sequencing and Leading Classes.

  5. Observation/Assisting

  6. Mentoring learning.

  7. Yoga Text Books.

  8. The business of Yoga - Running and Marketing Studio.

Note: Training courses may include instruction in Reiki, Thai yoga massage, Doula training, Yoga Therapy, etc. These hours are elective not counted in determining whether or not the syllabus meets Yoga Alliance Standards.

Online Educational Components

Online components cannot exceeds more than 10% of the YTT total hours

  1. Anatomy and Physiology.

  2. Theoretical Studies.

  3. Occupational Health and Safety.

  4. Essays/Exams.

RYS/CEAS Ownership Policy

Yoga Alliance recognises that not all yoga schools have a business model in which the business has an “owner.” For purposes of this policy, Owners are the legal owner(s) and/or legal representative of a for-profit school applying to the Yoga Alliance, with decisional authority over the business. Only Owners may create a Registered Yoga School and or CEAS (Continuing Education Accredited School) account, and they must accept the RYS/CEAS Ownership Agreement and agree to the Code of Practice Owners must be authorised and are responsible to use the intellectual property of all teacher training syllabi associated with the RYS/CEAS account, have full access to all functions within the school profile and are responsible for complying with the Yoga Alliance Standards. Owners may also edit in writing to Yoga Alliance the school’s contact information, including school name, and communication preferences. Owner are solely responsible for affirming that their record is accurate and up-to-date with Yoga Alliance.

RYS/CEAS Agreement

By creating or renewing a RYS/CEAS account, you are entering into a legal agreement with Yoga Alliance. Specifically, you affirm that, if the RYS/CEAS is a for-profit business, you are a legal Owner or properly designated legal representative. In addition, you affirm that all information you provide while creating or renewing the account is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. By creating or renewing a RYS/CEAS account you authorise Yoga Alliance to assess the school’s credentials or those of its faculty, and to request updated information at any time, to assure the training meets the requirements for the registry. You agree to abide by all applicable policies of the Yoga Alliance, including the Trademark Usage Guidelines, and the terms and conditions available here

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