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Yoga School Membership Fees

Refunds are not given after registration or renewals, no exceptions. Please be certain of your registration, why you are registering and with whom!

Please read the terms of use carefully before ordering any Products from ("our site"). You may wish to print a copy of Registration/Membership Terms and Conditions for future reference.

Fees comparison between the Yoga Alliances:

  1. YA (USA) RYS: Initial fee 1 year: $ 640 USD = $ 887 AUD + Annual Renewal $ 240 USD = $ 333 AUD. Three years membership with YA (USA) $ 1200 AUD. SAVE $ 470 AUD on 3 years membership with us.

  2. YA Professionals/UK RYS: Initial fee 1 year: £ 295 + £ 195 x year £ 490 Pound/Sterling = $ 873 AUD. Three years minimum registration including initial join fee with YA (UK/Professionals) $ 1041 AUD. SAVE $ 291 on 3 years membership with us.

FEE Schedule (new as of 1 January 2019)

The rates quoted of the Fees schedule are correct at the time of publication. We reserve the right to alter these fees without notice

Payment Methods Accepted

FEES are in AUD. Payment details are available on the application form

  • Bank Transfer

  • PayPal (7% surcharges apply)

RYS 150/200/250 PLUS/350/500/500 PLUS/1500/YIN 250 LVL 1 and 2 - $ 750

  • Valid three (3) years

  • No Annual Renewal

  • Single or Multiple Designations

  • Upgrades within RYS Designations included

  • A Yoga School that offer 200 hour or higher Yoga Training that meet the YA’s Standards.

  • Membership includes CEAS (Continuing Education Accredited School) RCYS/RPYS/ RYS YIN 50/100 hours to enable RYSs to deliver high standards CE programs recognised worldwide

  • If applied for single designation, can add designations anytime during the three years registration period free of charge


Any person (yoga or non-yoga teacher) doing the CEAS courses can join our online Registry as an “Associate Member” or “Associate Yoga Student” depending on professional background

Requirements: RYS

Apply: Online Application

RYS Re-Registration 150/200/250 PLUS/350/500/500 PLUS/1500/YIN 250 LVL 1 (Existing Members) 3% Discount $ 723

  • Valid three (3) years

  • No Annual Renewal

  • Requirements (same as above)

Renew Now: Online Application

RYS MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL (Existing Members that applied before January 2019) $ 150

  • Valid one (1) year

  • Annual Renewal $150

Renew Now: Online Application

DESIGNATION UPGRADES (Members that applied before January 2019) $150

  • A YA-International RYS member can upgrade to a higher designation (i.e: RYS 200/ 250 PLUS/350 etc.)


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