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Registered School (RYS) Owners Statement

On your School/Business letterhead, please copy the statement below.

*Please cross the items that are not applicable

Clause 1.
I hereby confirm compliance of the following requirements:

  1. The school will accept students in a YTT with at least one year of documented yoga practice.

  2. 90% of the Teacher Training total hours will be contact hours. 

  3. The Lead Trainer will teach 80% of 90% contact hours.

  4. I have provided detailed list of other Teaching Faculty (ERYT/RYT 500) and/or Consultants/Specialists.

  5. I have provided a CV of additional teaching faculty

  6. The school will have the YTT syllabus clearly advertised on the website.

  7. The school will display the Yoga Alliance (International) logos and assets clearly on their web-site landing page.

  8. At the end of each training course the school will provide Yoga Alliance with a list name and email address of graduates.

  9. The YTT applied for will be delivered at the following location address:

Clause 2.
RYS/CEAS Ownership Policy
I understand and agree that Yoga Alliance recognises that not all yoga schools have a business model in which the business has an “owner.” For purposes of this policy, Owners are the legal owner (s) and/or legal representative of a for-profit school applying to the Yoga Alliance, with decisional authority over the business. Only Owners may create a Registered Yoga School and or CEAS (Continuing Education Accredited School) account, and they must accept the RYS/CEAS Ownership Agreement and agree to the Code of Practice Owners must be authorised and are responsible to use the intellectual property of all teacher training syllabi associated with the RYS/CEAS account, have full access to all functions within the school profile and are responsible for complying with the Yoga Alliance Standards. Owners may also edit in writing to Yoga Alliance the school’s contact information, including school name, and communication preferences. Owner are solely responsible for affirming that their record is accurate and up-to-date with Yoga Alliance.

Clause 3.
RYS/CEAS Agreement
I understand and agree that by creating or renewing a RYS/CEAS account, you are entering into a legal agreement with Yoga Alliance. Specifically, you affirm that, if the RYS/CEAS is a for-profit business, you are a legal Owner or properly designated legal representative. In addition, you affirm that all information you provide while creating or renewing the account is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. By creating or renewing a RYS/CEAS account you authorise Yoga Alliance to assess the school’s credentials or those of its faculty, and to request updated information at any time, to assure the training meets the requirements for the registry. You agree to abide by all applicable policies of the Yoga Alliance, including the Trademark Usage Guidelines, Standards, and the Terms and Conditions below.

Clause 4.
Terms and Conditions

(a) I understand and agree that Membership with Yoga Alliance allows the Registered Yoga School and/or CEAS to use the “RYS” or “CEAS” Designation and to be listed in the Yoga Alliance RYSs/CEAS online Directory. The RYS/CEAS Designation denotes that the school’s syllabus and teaching faculty including the Lead Trainer/s have been assessed and verified by Yoga Alliance and have met the Yoga Alliance requirements for registration. An RYS/CEAS Designation cannot be transferred to another school or owner that uses a different syllabus for any reason. If the school wants to deliver the YTT same syllabus to a second ,third or more sites, the school’s owner MUST inform Yoga Alliance at the time of lodging the application as a $ 100 fee applies for additional sites. If ownership and/or staffing changes lead to a dispute about who has the right to use the RYS/CEAS Designation applied for, a new RYS/CEAS application is required to be submitted for the school. Upon registration with Yoga Alliance, Registered Yoga Schools and CEAS (Continuing Education Accredited School) are required to confirm or update in writing to Yoga Alliance ownership information and agree to the current terms and conditions at the time of each renewal of the RYS registration.

(b) I understand and agree that a Member that is not in compliance with relevant Requirements may have their Membership status revoked. Those who have had their Membership status revoked may no longer represent themselves as holding the revoked credential or designation and may not use Yoga Alli ance trademarks to indicate such.

(c) I understand and agree that in the event that a Member is not in compliance with Standards or Requirements, Yoga Alliance may display a message on the Member’s public directory profile page indicating suspension for non-compliance, until the Member makes necessary changes and is verified to be in compliance. A Registrant that does not make the required changes to come into compliance during the designated period will have its Membership designation revoked and/or may be restricted from renewing a Registration designation. Trainees will ordinarily not be eligible to register as RYTs if, as of the date their training is completed, their school’s RYS Membership is suspended or revoked.
I understand that after registration has been approved my failure to comply with the above requirements will be grounds for my membership to be revoked by Yoga Alliance and that I will not be entitled under no circumstances to receive a refund.


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