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Yoga Alliance® History and Innovations

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Yoga Alliance® History and Innovations

True innovation takes place when people are free to raise ideas, take ownership of them, and then implement them! That’s Our History and Why we are an organisation that Think Different…………

Yoga Alliance® also known as “Yoga Alliance Australia® , “Yoga Alliance International®, “The Australian Yoga Alliance®”, is a sister organisation of a group of Yoga Alliances with headquarters in Sydney (Australia), Italy, New Zealand and the UK.

Yoga Alliance ®–International Australia was established in 2013 by world-renowned yogis from the UK, the U.S, Italy, India and Australia direct scholars and friends of Shri K. Pattabhi Jois, Derek Ireland and the late Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar, to create an innovative environment for Yoga Professionals within Australia and internationally!


Yoga Alliance® Serving the Yoga Community Worldwide



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We are an inclusive organisation led by a volunteer Board of Directors, most of whom are experienced yoga teachers and have backgrounds in fields such as law, technology, phycology, finance and business.

We are not a ‘Yoga Governing Body’ that control yoga. We developed a voluntary online Registry to recognise yoga Teachers and Schools whose training met the designed Standards relating to yoga health and safety, teaching techniques and methodologies, yoga principles, history and philosophy and ethics.

2013 – Present

Our Innovations
Since its inception, Yoga Alliance® – International Australia understood the importance and need for innovation. Bringing innovation meant to be open to new ideas and adaptive to change.

2014: FIRST Yoga Alliance organisation to introduce the Continuing Education Accredited School (or CEAS) for Providers of Continuing Education Courses. A similar concept and idea of CEAS was replicated in 2015 by another Yoga Alliance.

2014-2015: We introduced four new designations for teachers and schools designed to meet everyone’s needs: RYT-1500, RYT-350, RYS-350, RYS-1500.

2017: FIRST Yoga Alliance organisation to Revise its Standards scheme in seventeen years. After consulting with yoga experts and hear the concern from the yoga community that the current standards would not fully met the needs of the modern yoga teacher and practitioner, in January 2017 we were the first Alliance organisation to take a significant step forward in the industry by implementing new Standards for Yoga Teacher Training based on the proliferation of low quality yoga teacher training, inadequately trained yoga teachers and unscrupulous providers who deliver substandard training.



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