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Holistic Meditation® Teachers Testimonials

I would like to thank Yoga Alliance International® for providing a high quality Holistic Meditation®Diploma qualification, having looked around at other options I decided to invest my time and money with Yoga alliance International®, from the very beginning I had a very good feeling that I had made the correct choice.

I received the material for the Diploma quickly after enrolling, the material is easy to read and it contains some excellent information, when I was ready to take the test, the link was sent to me very quickly.

I really enjoyed the whole experience of taking my Diploma through Yoga Alliance International®, I received excellent service and I will gladly recommend anyone wishing to study meditation or yoga, to use Yoga Alliance International®services and products. Tony Burrows, Dip FMBM, Dip Fin Plan, Cert CII B App Soc Sc (coun).

The authors of the Holistic Meditation diploma have found an excellent way to introduce Westerners to meditation which is rigorous yet accessible, fascinating and inspiring. The course materials show how meditation is not a technique we need to learn but a function which we have somehow forgotten and to which we may easily reconnect. For people who are new to meditation, unveiling such innate function is extremely reassuring, and the Holistic meditation course illustrates a secure path through which we may rediscover our "meditative self" and bring it into our daily life. Working as a researcher in the field of humanistic approaches in education, I have experimented, after receiving my Holistic Meditation diploma, the use of meditation with my students and trainee teachers, with results that have gone beyond any expectation, in terms of academic achievement and personal growth. Thank you for such opportunity. Moreno Stracci University Lecturer

The Holistic Meditation® Diploma is a beautifully written, very inspiring and extremely interesting course.
By applying daily the techniques learned during the course it has benefited me in various areas of my life (e.g. improving diet, reducing stress and deepening yoga practise). I feel the course is an incredibly worthwhile experience and would recommend it to all yoga practitioners. Dr. Sarah Smyth - Psychologist

"Having come from a legal background, I have an excellent understanding of how stress can impact on other aspects of one's life. Meditation has changed all this for me. I thoroughly enjoyed undertaking this intensive Holistic Meditation® training course. The practical tips are backed up by supporting theoretical frameworks to explain why different practices are undertaken, and the benefits of various modalities. The course furthered my theoretical knowledge of the various meditation practices and gave me guidance to seek out further materials elsewhere to heighten my knowledge. The diploma deepened my own personal practise of meditation, and I have found shifting from one meditation session to two sessions per day not only provided me more relaxation, but it also heightened my awareness which has benefited my professional life." Ross

I thoroughly enjoyed completing the Holistic Meditation® course both in theory and practice. As a scientist, I appreciated the depth of the course notes and the inclusion of substantial evidence as well as the thorough review of the meditation field as a whole in order to place Holistic Meditation in the context of this very broad discipline. It was fantastic to have the considerable body of work surrounding meditation presented in a concise and informative style. As a committed meditator of many years trained in Vipassana techniques the practice of Holistic Meditation® brought a newness and breadth to my practice which was interesting and greatly appreciated. As someone working to soften my habitual need to strive, the Holistic Meditation® technique, provided me with a supportive practice model. My thanks to all those involved to designing and implementing an excellent course. Cynthia Lean

As a Counsellor this course really appealed to me, as it gave me the information to help myself and others understand how meditation can really help us in our everyday lives. The course is easy to follow and there is a lot of support offered from the staff as they are very quick to respond to any enquiries. Now that I have completed the course I am very excited about introducing other people to Holistic Meditation®! I would definitely recommend this course to others who are interested in learning more about meditation. Alice Mastroeni 

I have been practicing yoga and meditation now for 12 years. I came across the Holistic Meditation® Teacher  Diploma  course on line a few months ago, so wanting to delve more into meditation and to try to find a more holistic way of practicing I stepped forward to enrol This was my first online course of any kind. I found the course very informative, the support team more than helpful when it was required and of course value for money. Now I have completed this comprehensive course I feel as though I have a higher state of consciousness, awareness and mental clarity, and I guess more meaningful is what I am trying to say. With this new approach to meditation I find it is helping me on my new venture in opening my own yoga studio. Thank you so much to the team at Yoga Alliance Australia . Love love  love Om Shanti. Sue Byrne

I am so very happy, I took the course in Holistic Meditation®. I found the course gratifying and as I work in a customer service role where I come in contact with people from all walks of life and all nationalities. The Holistic Meditation® course has helped me to relax more and understand all of these people needs and therefore to help them. Also its helps me greatly in day to day life. I would like to thank the teachers for implementing and designing this wonderful course. I would highly recommend this great course to others who are interested in learning more about meditation. Carmel McKenzie

I have enjoyed reading about the many benefits of Holistic Mediation® and the references throughout the manual confirm the research. I will continue to practice and read the reference books before hopefully starting to hold groups to share the many benefits of meditation. Janice Low

The Holistic Meditation® correspondence Course really taught me the discipline of committing to uncovering the many years of emotions I had held onto.  I thoroughly enjoyed the course, learning all about how something so simple to sit and be with yourself, can be so challenging and how to work through it. Jo Fenwick

To sit within a quiet mind helps me find peace in a crazy busy world and I am deeply grateful for this ability. It brings me 'Peace, Awareness & Self Rewards'. To study Holistic Meditation® was most enjoyable I would recommend it. Susan Brooks

This Course in Holistic Meditation® has enhanced my life and I can say that I received an unexpected bonus. I no longer have insomnia! I found the practice  of  Holistic Meditation easy to follow and it is now part of my daily routine. Thank you to the teachers for giving this method of meditation for everyone to use. Julie M.

I can highly recommend Holistic Meditation® for anyone wishing to deepen their practice. I am very excited to introduce meditation to high school students to help them deal and manage their stress, and through this distance course I am now in the position to be able to guide them on their journey. Thank you for the beautiful information, excellent interaction with the teachers and easy to learn concepts. Summah Provost

The Holistic Meditation® correspondence course has really extended my knowledge and opened up some amazing doors for me to help others, It was an extremely wonderful experience and I recommend it to others, Great support from teachers and everything in this course to learn was very exciting which left me wanting it to never end! Thank you for this opportunity to learn about one of the best things this universe has to offer. Brittany Christian

Thoroughly enjoyed the Holistic Meditation® Course. Very simple and very effective way to learn how to meditate.  Helped me to get back to a daily practise and bring renewed energy and joy into my life.  I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to deepen their knowledge of meditation or anyone wishing to share this wonderful tool with others. Maria Jayaraj

"I really enjoyed the thorough information given in this online meditation course. It gave me a solid guideline for making Holistic Meditation® part of my everyday life, and teaching others as well”. Heidi Horne

I've been meditating for a while now, and i felt the need to deepen my experience, and this course was the perfect option, it made things a lot more clearer and is definitely something that everyone should do in this day and age. Paul Tobias UK

I really enjoyed the Holistic Meditation® online diploma course.  This was my first experience of online learning and to my surprise I found it quite easy to stay motivated and inspired by the learning. The course materials were very thorough and the support team provided very prompt responses whenever I had a question.   I found the detailed theory really supported and enlivened my desire to restart a regular meditation practice. Thanks again for all the support to complete the course and the quick responses to my questions. Many thanks to everyone involved in making this course possible. Linda Martin

My thanks to all at Yoga Alliance® Australia for the provision of the intensive Holistic Meditation® on line training course. Not only did it bring a deepening and freshness to my existing meditation practice, but it broadened my theoretical understanding of meditation, and the evidence behind it. The in depth course notes described the context that Holistic Meditation® sits within the wider field of meditation and also provided important and practical details on teaching others how to establish an ongoing practice. I also appreciated the prompt support offered by staff to my questions and enjoyed the self-paced learning style. I am looking forward to introducing others to this meditation technique and furthering my study in the area. Penny Wearne

Can I just say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the Holistic Meditation® course. The training manual was well put together and informative, I have learnt so many valuable things which I am sure will be beneficial in my meditation practice for years to come, also the staff have been so helpful with any queries and I will definitely be recommending the course to others. Natasha Eutrope-UK

Working my way through the course was very challenging but also rewarding - learning more about how my mind and body work together and being able to use that information to educate others is something I am really excited about. Meditation and Yoga are a big part of my life, so educating myself further on the psychology and physiology of both is something I am passionate about. Thanks Yoga Alliance Academy® for creating such an interesting course! Nicola McWhirter

Completing the Holistic Meditation® Course has been a lovely journey for me. At the beginning 20 minutes seemed like a very long time, however now I’m almost not ready to leave my session when the time is up. My personal growth has been so enjoyable, I can’t wait to start teaching meditation to others. Thank you so much for all your help and lovely comments and for making this course so easy to fit into a busy life. The fantastic team at Yoga Alliance Academy® run this course in a very professional manner that also really user friendly. Great work, looking forward to doing more courses with you in the near future. Carmel Stewart

My journey was from another background, I was a business woman, my field of study was Psychology and Business, founding/heading the company Inspira Diamonds, and the developer for a brand called ORIGIN AUSTRALIA, now internationally recognised.

I had no credentials in the field of yoga/meditation, but my business was one of the leaders in Corporate Social Responsibility and promoting ethical business standards in the gem trade. Long before CSR and other words developed. Lets say that I was always moving towards my interconnectedness with earth and people!

After several years of severe physical illness, and resulting stress, yoga found me, and helped me on my road to recovery, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I quite often say yoga (meditation) saved my life, because when I was unable to move, all I could do was meditate and heal myself in this long slow process.

Were it not for my physical condition now I may well have been learning yoga teaching, but it is not meant to be (not this lifetime anyway!!) and I am more drawn to meditation.

Eventually in Dec 2015 the stress took its toll and after 10 years I resigned as working Director, yet I knew that I had so much more to give!!

After some soul searching I realised that I would really love to teach, and thought I had missed my vocation as teacher as I am now in my 50’s (I LOVE kids, teens and twenties), but not school, more like life skills… so I investigated teaching meditation, because I really believe in the benefits of it… not only for stress, but healing (as I had already proven by my own example). Our children need this.
Many people I talked with in the community here see the need for this support as well.

Because I wanted to teach maybe within organisations I investigated an accredited Meditation teachers course and found yours. I resigned from my previous job and found this course in a matter of days, if that’s not synchronicity…????

As a relatively experienced meditator I remember saying: can I do the course in 4 weeks? and have to laugh at that now!! Aahh but I was relatively young in my journey, so please excuse my striving!

The course was very deeply opening, how can you teach if you yourself are not advancing your own meditative growth?? I am indebted to the process, not only for the accreditation but where it has led me to on my own path. I love the concept of journaling the meditations (never thought of that) and also combining oils and chakra balancing in meditation. I am investigating both, and will probably be back to do the chakra balancing course in due time.

I have also been studying Reiki (one and two) and found so many aspects of this course helpful to those clients who come for reiki treatment, because meditation is the ultimate SELF HELP!!!
And we cant rely on a “treatment” to fix us.

I think the journal was also a significant part, I definitely felt there was a period of shift, when I hungered for that meditation time, just for the beauty of it, not to pass a course, but just to feel those moments.

I wrote: “then I read: in meditation we are learning (about the method/process and about ourselves), and I realised that although I have been meditating for years I am still discovering things every day. I feel humbled. As if I was a beginner again. Subtly experiencing growth, expanding and loving more each day. And that’s why they call it PRACTISE. “

The course was thorough and easy to follow, and any questions I had were answered timely.
For the practical aspect I have not much more to comment, other than self-paced learning is a great thing for busy people, and most of the real learning takes place in your own meditations.

Happy to recommend this course, to beginners and advanced. Charmaine Thane

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