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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any enquiries that are not addressed in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) you may contact us by email via our Contact Us Form. Please allow up to 5-7 working days to receive a response to your enquiry.

Please note that these FAQs are subject to change and are relevant for the 2015 only.


What are the official Standards for Teacher Training in Australia and the rest of the world?

In 2005, with the booming of Yoga worldwide, the 200 hour minimum Standards for Teacher Training Programs were made mandatory by  the major Yoga Alliance Organisations. In Australia, the implementation of 350 hours Standards set forth by some organisations is arbitrary of these organisations and does not reflect the 200 hour International Standards for Teacher Training Programs set forth by the International Yoga Federation in 1987.

How many Yoga Alliance Organisations are there?

A: Since the first Yoga Alliance International (YAI) was founded in South America in 1994 and with yoga booming worldwide, over time, a succession of continental Yoga Alliances has flourished across the world.

What exactly are the Yoga Alliances?

A: The Yoga Alliances are responsible for setting the 200 minimum international Standards for Yoga Teacher Training Programs and help the public to become better acquainted with the benefits of yoga.

What is the role of the Yoga Alliances RYTs and RYSs Registry?

The national and international registry of yoga teachers, schools, and studios is in place for potential employers, insurance companies, yoga students and members of the public to check the credentials of yoga professionals and providers of training programs. The Registry, has a set criteria for joining and membership is only available to those professionals that meet those criteria. When you become a membership, you have access to the largest body of yoga professionals in the world. The Yoga Alliances have been in business since 1994 to ensure that all of those working in the yoga field have access to quality and credible instruction and training. The perception among yoga teachers is that having the RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) title may open new doors for them, and a feeling among some employers or students that a teacher who has attended a Registered Yoga Teacher Training has a certain level of knowledge.

Why Yoga Alliance moved to Australia in 2013?
A: To offer the  yoga community of Oceania,  a Credentialing System for yoga teachers and schools that is recognised by the yoga industry and yoga community world-wide. Our main objective was to expand the Yoga Alliance network of RYTs and RYSs on this side of the world and to implement the 200 hour International Standards for Teacher Training Programs in Australia and New Zealand. The 350 hour Standards set forth by some organisations in Australia is arbitrary of these organisations and does not reflect the 200 hour International Standards set forth by the Yoga Alliances.

Which are the Yoga Alliances officially recognised by the world-wide Yoga Community?

A: The International Yoga Federation (IYF), the largest, oldest and the only Yoga Organisation in the world maintains a Registry of all Official and Recognised Yoga Alliances, see HERE

Is Yoga Alliance® (Australia) the same as Yoga Alliance US, Yoga Alliance UK and Yoga Alliance Canada?

A: YES. These four Organisations share the same Standards for Yoga Teacher Training Programs, Continuing Education and they maintain an International Registry of certified Yoga Teachers (RYTs) and Yoga Schools (RYSs).

Are Yoga Alliance® (Australia), Yoga Alliance Australia® and Yoga Alliance International® the same Organisations?

A: YES. In Australia and New Zealand, Yoga Alliance® trades under the names “Yoga Alliance Australia”; “Yoga Alliance International Australia and New Zealand” and “Yoga Alliance International”. Yoga Alliance® (Australia) holds a number of registered trademarks for core “Yoga Alliance” brands.

The name Yoga Alliance®, Yoga Alliance Australia® and Yoga Alliance International® along with the signs: RYT, RYS, RCYT, RPYT, CEAS and Master Yoga Registered Teacher, are all registered trademarks assigned to Yoga Alliance® in Australia, New Zealand and various international jurisdictions. As such, no teacher or schools can use these letter symbols in Australia, New Zealand and international jurisdictions without express permission from Yoga Alliance® (Australia).

Is Yoga Alliance U.S the holding organisation that coordinates the activities of Yoga Alliance in Australia and the Yoga Alliances in other countries?

A: Absolutely NOT. Until 2006 Yoga Alliance US was the only International Organisation. Over the years Yoga Alliance UK, the Canadian Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance Australia were established in each ‘key Yoga countries”. Nowadays, Yoga Alliance US is dedicated to yoga outreach and education in the United States; Yoga Alliance Australia is dedicated to yoga outreach in Australia, New Zealand Asia and Europe, Yoga Alliance UK is dedicated to yoga outreach in the UK.  

Is Yoga Alliance Australia a Yoga Governing Body?
A: Unlike doctors, lawyers and accountants, there are no state or national governing boards anywhere in the world that set standards for yoga, and there are no yoga licenses to distinguish true yogis.

Why some Yoga Organisations claim to be Yoga Governing Bodies?

A: Yoga is currently unregulated anywhere in the world, as such there is NO official Yoga Governing Body anywhere in the world recognised by a government, and anyone claiming otherwise is misrepresenting themselves and misleading the yoga community and the general public.

Are the Yoga Alliances separate Organisations? 

A:YES. The Yoga Alliances are a world-wide brand name, legally separate entities. Each Alliance is governed by an independent Board of Directors that has general supervision of all activities of the organisation and its achievement philosophy, mission, strategy, and goals.

Is Yoga Alliance U.S known as Yoga Alliance U.S International and/or Yoga Alliance International®?

A: NO. Yoga Alliance® (Australia) is the sole owner of all rights, title, and interest in the Yoga Alliance® brands registered Trademarks. In Australia and New Zealand we are the only Organisation entitled to use the registered Trademark: Yoga Alliance®, Yoga Alliance Australia® and Yoga Alliance International®. Any unauthorised use of the Yoga Alliance International® Trademark will be deemed as infringement of our Trademark punishable by law.

Is Yoga Alliance® (Australia) a branch or a subsidiary of Yoga Alliance US?

NO. To put is simply, Yoga Alliance(Australia) is Yoga Alliance.
Why in Australia the Yoga Community is confused between Yoga Alliance® U.S, Yoga Alliance® (Australia) and Yoga Alliance International®?
Before the arrival of Yoga Alliance in Oceania in 2013 and in absence of an Internationally recognised Yoga Body within Australia and New Zealand, Yoga Alliance U.S was geographically the nearest International Organisation to provide yoga professionals with a world-wide accreditation. To date, there still are many teachers and schools within Australia and New Zealand registered with Yoga Alliance U.S. However, this state of things is set to change in the near future.

Registration/Membership (RYT and RYS

Is it mandatory to join Yoga Alliance or similar Organisations?

A: NO registration is voluntary. Yoga Alliance or any Yoga Organisations around the world is not mandatory to join in order to work in the yoga industry. However, some students and employers consider Registration/Accreditation with a reputable Yoga Organisation important, because they hope that it means the training program  completed with a RYS (Registered Yoga School) will teach a minimal amount of topics such as anatomy, yoga philosophy, pranayama, asanas, etc.

Registration/Membership can be transferred across Yoga Alliance (Australia), Yoga Alliance U.S, Yoga Alliance UK or Yoga Alliance Canada?

A: NO. The Yoga Alliance Organisations are legally independent entities governed by the law of the country where they were established and therefore the criteria for registration vary accordingly.

Why registering with Yoga Alliance® is important for a Yoga Teacher?

A: Registering with Yoga Alliance can give you credibility. As a teacher just starting out, credibility is vital, as you have no proven track record (yet) to show if you’re a competent yoga instructor. Having an organisation deeming you so can be a very important tool. Establishing trust within the yoga community is critical since you are, after all, responsible for individuals’ well-being and their ability to move safely and effectively through asanas. In registering with Yoga Alliance® (Australia) you are pledging to teach by a set of standards. Again: credibility. Studios and your students can hold you to that pledge.

Why registering with Yoga Alliance® is important for a Yoga School?

A: By registering with Yoga Alliance, you will take an important step in enhancing your credibility as a yoga school. Our credentials are the premier form of recognition for yoga schools. If you become a Registered Yoga School (RYS), you will be awarded a specific designation based on the level of training program/s (e.g.: 200/350; 350 or 500 hour) your school provides. 

Is the accreditation of teachers and schools from Yoga Alliance® (Australia) recognised everywhere in the world?

A: YES. Yoga Alliance (Australia) is the only Organisation Internationally recognised outside Australia and the only organisation within Australia that implemented the 200 hour International Standards for Yoga Training Programs. Note: The accreditation of Teachers and Schools within the Yoga Alliance Organisations is equally recognised by the yoga industry and yoga community world-wide. Yoga Alliance U.S does not provide a more “valuable” and/or “prestigious” accreditation than any other organisations across the world.

What are the benefits of Joining Yoga Alliance® (Australia)?

A: Members of Yoga Alliance have access to a number of benefits to support their work and daily lives. Benefits includes networking opportunities, access to continuing education online/correspondence short courses and diplomas accredited worldwide discounted 25%, public profile page to get more exposure and promote your activities, web-site packages at only $280 and much more.

How many designations level does Yoga Alliance® offer?

A: Three Designations within the RTY 200hr; 350hr; 500hr Silver and Gold Designation (ERYT) category.

What’s the difference between RYT Silver and Gold Designation Registration?

A: Silver Designation is granted to teachers newly qualified or with little or none teaching experience since graduating from a YYTC. Gold Designation (ERYT) is granted to teachers with a considerable teaching experience (minimum 1200 hours) since graduating from a YTTC.

Does Yoga Alliance® like other Organisations within Australia, categorise the 200 hour Registration Provisional Status?

A: Absolutely NOT. The 200 hours are  the minimum Standards for YTTC  recognised world-wide The designations within the Alliances  provide continuing status registration.

Why Yoga Alliance® Australia is the only Alliance that offers 350 hour designation?

A: Yoga Alliance (Australia) is a thinking forward organisation.

Yoga Alliance Academy® Certification and Yoga Scholarship

Is the Yoga Alliance Academy® in any way affiliated with Yoga Alliance®?

A: YES. The Yoga Alliance Academy® is an affiliated partner of Yoga Alliance® (Australia), specifically created to offer Yogic Traditional Studies, Yoga Scholarships and affordable Yoga Teacher Certification.

Why does Yoga Alliance® offer Yoga Teacher Certification?

A: As of April 1st 2014, as part of its continuous process of quality improvement, in keeping with its service to the public, Yoga Alliance® (Australia) in partnership with the Yoga Alliance Academy®, is the first Alliance in the world that has instituted a professional yoga teacher certification: The Gheranda Samhita Hatha Teacher Training® - 250 hour Foundation Level 1 Advanced - 17 Day Intensive to offer aspiring yoga teachers a high standards training at affordable price. The Gheranda Samhita is currently available in Perth-WA only.

Why is the Gheranda Samhita Hatha Teacher Training® currently available in Perth only?

A: Perth is said to be one of the most beautiful cities in Australia and one of the most continental isolated city. We recognise that, ultimately, our position in the marketplace and the future growth of the yoga industry in Western Australia are a direct result of the people who receive high standards yoga training.

Why does Yoga Alliance® offer Scholarship?

A: YES. As of November 2015, Yoga Alliance Australia in partnership with the Yoga Alliance Academy® will offer one partial or full scholarship each year to prospective students with exceptional circumstances. Our decision to award scholarships and/or financial assistance (each an “Award”) is determined by our Board of Directors and the Board employs an individualized and comprehensive process in reviewing each person’s application for the requested Award.

Will Scholarship be available to everyone?

A: Scholarship is open to National and International Students. We know that there is a great variation among applicants personal circumstances, home environments, working environments and yoga practices. As a result, our Award decision-making process considers all aspects of your personal history and as such, we do not award Grants to Awards solely on the basis of any single criterion. We attempt to value the whole person, where you have been, where you are now, where you would like to be in the future, and of course, your practice and your desire and/or ability to enhance and promote the awareness, education and benefits of yoga.

The Gheranda Samhita Hatha Teacher Training® is an Intensive course. What are the benefits of doing intensive courses?

A: A study conducted in the U.S.A on how students in general respond to “intensive” courses  found that students give significantly better ratings of course effectiveness for these intensive courses than regular courses.

The researchers found considerable evidence that student learning outcomes are comparable in intensive and regularly scheduled courses. Researchers were able to find over 1000 cases where students were taught the same course in both a traditional 10 week and a shorter intensive period of 3 or 4 weeks and the study compared the courses taught in the same ways.

This suggests that the intensive courses not only provide as much learning as traditional schedules, but may be more popular with students, and save time and also money. Not surprisingly, researchers found that in intensive courses, there is more “bonding” between teachers and students than in regular courses, the shortened period builds relationships and adds to the closeness of the experience.


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