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EXPERT TEACHER for Consultants and Specialists

Members, non-members of the association and non-yoga individuals can apply

Yoga Alliance® Expert Teacher for Consultants

The Yoga Alliance Expert Teacher, a new designation for Consultants and Specialists is available to every yoga or non-yoga individuals with a high level of knowledge, skill or qualification/s in a specific field of expertise.

With this designation, yoga teachers (RYT/ERYT) members and non-members of the association and ALL kind of experts in the yoga community, can participate.

The ET credential can be applied for as a stand-alone product or in combination with the CEAS - Continuing Education Accredited School. This will enable individuals to deliver internationally recognised Yoga Alliance’s courses that counts as Continuing Education activities for yoga teachers or other categories of professionals.

An ET can be the director of continuing education programs, provide professional consultancy services on his/her respective field of expertise within the yoga industry, holistic health care or natural therapies and other fields of expertise.

We have created this new credential to bring another level of professional recognition to the Yoga Alliance Community worldwide!

Who is the Yoga Alliance Expert Teacher for?
  • For every yoga or non-yoga individuals with a high level of knowledge, skill or qualification/s in a specific field of expertise.

  • For those wishing to offer accredited Yoga Alliance’s continuing education certification, professional development consultancy services, present workshops, lectures, seminars, retreats, assist training providers developing course contents, assist the Director of yoga teacher training programs.

Benefits of being an Expert Teacher includes:
  • Opportunities to help others deepen their practice, knowledge and skills, sharing one's knowledge, and being listed on the Yoga Alliance’s Expert Teachers online directory.
  • As an Expert Teacher, in combination with the Yoga Alliance’s CEAS you can start your own business anywhere in the world and deliver CE training courses certification, seminars, workshops and retreats endorsed by Yoga Alliance.

Expert Teacher Requirements

Examples of credentials include academic degrees, diplomas certifications, yoga or related qualifications, letter of credence. The field of expertise may include but is not limited to:

Yoga and related Topics
Yoga Therapy
Body-Mind Disciplines
Human Anatomy
Sanskrit Studies
Holistic Health Care
Natural Therapies
Bach Flower Therapy

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