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Distance Courses Terms And Conditions

Please read the terms below carefully before ordering any Products from ("our site"). You may wish to print a copy of these Terms and Conditions.

  1. All distance courses expire from the date the learning material has been delivered to the student.

  2. Distance courses are accredited worldwide by Yoga Alliance and some of them by the Complementary Medical Association-UK. Prior to purchase a course, read the information on the web-site.

  3. Fees are inclusive of $70 non-refundable administration fee.

  4. No refund apply for distance courses after the Learning Material has been delivered to the recipient.

  5. Orders are process within 5 working days from receiving the Enrolment Form.

  6. Applicants have 5 days from the date of purchase to cancel their order. Cancellations are only accepted in writing (by e-mail). Refunds applies MINUS $70 non-refundable administration fee. Allow 15 working days for refund to be received.

  7. All refunds outside Australia are subject to $35 AUD administration fee.

  8. Fees includes: 1-Training Manual(PDF Format)1-Certificate of completion, unlimited online tutorial support, unlimited online exam sessions.

  9. Enrolment Forms must be received complete of proof of payment.

  10. Enrolment Forms received incomplete, will NOT be rejected.

  11. Applicants must be over the age of 18 years to apply for any Courses listed.

  12. If a course is not completed within the fixed time, course extensions applies.

  13. All courses Fees are inclusive of 10 weeks $200 refundable deposit for course extensions ($ 20 per extra week after course expiration date. Deposit for extensions will be refunded upon course completion minus any used extensions.

  14. Request for course extensions must be notified by email three (3) weeks prior the course expiry date. *Due to negligence* of some students in the past, failure to comply with extensions procedure will result in a $ 40 penalty fee in addition to the extensions fee which will be deducted from the extensions deposit.

  15. Extensions charges applies from the eight  week the learning material has been dispatch and will remain in place until we are notified of cancellation or course theory exam successful completion in writing (by e-mail).

  16. If an applicant does not complete the course by the expiry date and/or the course extensions expiry date, to obtain certification additional course extensions payment is required for each extra week.

  17. All Learning material including Certificate of completion is dispatched in PDF format (colour-printable delivered by secure server). We do NOT supply under any circumstances Hard Copy of the learning material.

  18. Distance courses files are not compatible with IPad, Mobile or similar devices. If the Applicant download the learning material from non-compatible devices and is unable to open the document/s a $20 surcharge applies for each additional download.

  19. Applicants must provide a valid e-mail address. We only dispatch one copy of the Learning Material. If the material is NOT received due to the recipient’s invalid e-mail address, to receive another copy a $ 50 charge applies.

  20. Important Notice: All Holistic Meditation®, Therapeutic Yoga and the Healing Power of Chakras graduates are featured on our online Directory. For the safeguard of members of the public and to maintain the Natural Therapies industry safe from false claims, to receive the certificate of course completion, graduates are required to provide a digital photo (self-portrait) for the directory. Failure to comply with this requirement, will result in the certification to be annulled. No course fee refund  applies under any circumstances.

  21. All diploma courses students to receive the Certificate of Completion must complete a theory online test. The student must contact us when ready to sit the test.


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