Yogi Yoga College RYS 250 PLUS/500/1500/RYS-YIN 50/RPYS/CEAS China

Beijing, China
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Yogi Yoga College – Beijing – China

Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance®

Yogi Yoga (China) College is the largest chain of yoga studio in Cina with over 500 graduates per month. Yogi Yoga (China) college take root from quintessence of traditional Indian yoga system, borrowed from western modern yoga teaching technique, the whole training system combined a variety of teaching modules: teacher’s training at college, lectures taught by Yoga masters across the world, international study experience and more. Provided a study platform for all levels of yoga practitioner in China, from beginners to professional.

Since 2004, Yogi Yoga(China) College devoted to create a systematic and professional teacher’s training program. In the past 15 years, Yogi Yoga (China) College’s founder and teaching department director Yogi Mohan together with a team of international (yoga) experts continuous updated and optimized Yogi Yoga’s teacher’s training program. During these 15 years, more than ten thousands of certified yoga teacher completed their teacher’s training with Yogi Yoga (China)College, with thousands of new graduates join them every year.

2016 to 2018, Yogi Yoga (China) College entered into a flourishing develop period. With Beijing YogiYoga College moved to the new location at Yogi Yoga Peking University; ShangHai YogiYoga Center enlarged; GuangZhou YogiYoga College established; Cheng Du Yogi Yoga Center became influential, and HangZhou Yogi Yoga Center will have its grand opening in the coming November.



Listing Title / Name Yogi Yoga College China RYS 250 PLUS/500/1500/RYS-YIN 50/RPYS/CEAS China

RYS 250 PLUS/500/1500/RYS-YIN 50/RPYS/CEAS

Expiring Date Life Member
City Beijing
Country China
Country China
State/Province Beijing Shi
distance: 10,986 Kilometers
Address Beijing, China