Yoga Here and There RYS 250 PLUS/RYS YIN 50/CEAS Bali/Australia

Bali, Indonesia
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Yoga Here & There – Bali

Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance®

Yoga Here & There’s mission is to help the world understand that a hug, a deep breath in, a prayer and a handstand are all yoga. We believe that yoga is suitable for people of all ages, sizes, conditions and backgrounds. And yes, yoga can be challenging. But not because you must be able to stand on your head (which you really don’t need to).

Our trainings are aimed at giving you a broad view of what yoga can be, whilst making sure you get a solid training in the foundational concepts of yoga. Our 200 and 250-hour multi-style programs cover a variety of styles including their relevant alignment and adjustment methods. However, they also give you an insight into the spiritual and philosophical aspects of yoga, motivating you to look beyond the physical practice. A substantial part of the training focusses on teaching practice, ranging from sequencing and physical adjustments to injury prevention and finding your own voice.

With 50 hours more than most standard teacher trainings, the 250-hour training gives you that extra experience to step onto the teaching mat with confidence. You get extra dedicated time for observation, practice and learning. This helps you to build routines and habits that are going to be invaluable for future practice and teaching.

We promise that you leave our training having learned more skills and knowledge than you thought possible in such a short time.

Our 50-hour Yin training is developed for yoga students and yoga teachers alike. It  is aimed at giving you a solid base regarding everything this practice is about. We discuss the core objectives of the style, the history and philosophy behind the practice and the anatomy specific to Yin. This includes the energy body in different traditions, the variety of Yin poses, sequencing and teaching. To make it all come together we practice lots, mainly Yin yoga, but also some more Yang styles for the much needed balance.
We offer:
200-hour multistyle teacher training (Yoga Alliance USA) 250-hour PLUS multistyle teacher training (Yoga Alliance®- International/Australia) and 50-hour Yin yoga teacher trainings (YACEP/CEAS/Yoga Alliance®- International/Australia)

Listing Title / Name Yoga Here & There RYS 250 PLUS/CEAS Bali/Australia


Expiring Date 24.08.2021
City Bali
Country Indonesia
Country Indonesia
State/Province Bali
distance: 16,301 Kilometers
Address Bali, Indonesia