Valeria Barbaro ERYT 250 PLUS Italy

Naples, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy
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Valeria Barbaro – Napoli

Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT/PLUS) with Yoga Alliance® Italia

My teaching approach of yoga is innovative and it does not include the typical emulative approach mostly used in Yoga disciplines. During my classes I take constantly care of the students, correcting their moves and helping them to find the perfect posture. Furthermore, during my classes I do share theoretical information that are useful for the student to reach the desired posture.

During my class, after a first introduction to the hammock, I do introduce the student immediately to the first series of Vinyasa Flow Air Yoga postures and I let them get confidence with the areal movements This approach, is not only beneficial to the student health who can try different postures, but it also makes the class more fun. By trying immediately the aerial postures, the student can get confidence with its body and feeling more confident and motivated to learn in the future classes.




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Country Italy
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Address Naples, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy