Tal Core RYT 250 PLUS LVL 1 ADV

Toothdale NSW, Australia
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Tal Core – Toothdale

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT/PLUS) with Yoga Alliance

I have practised for 20 years or thereabouts.  Astanga vinyasa and then the Iyengar method.  I completed my 200 HR Teacher Certification with Tias and Surya Little of Prajna Yoga.
Like so many before me, I approach the body as microcosm and yogasana as practice in awareness.  Exploratory and contemplative.  Involving both precision and release.  A deep nod to interrelatedness.  And a lot of wonder.
Teaching as sharing is an important part of that.
In and through the direct experience of asana, I endeavour to foster awareness of body and breath, the subtler realm of sensation, the mind and its colours or feeling tones, and how they affect and are affected by context.
Each asana as a microcosm nested in the macrocosm.  Rivers of movement.  Moments of stillness.  Kinda bottomless.
But boil it down?  What do I feel right now?  And now?
I practice arriving.  Here and now.  The cultivation of a quality of mind and skill in action that is clear and discerning.  As much as can be.  In the context of asana and relation to the broader world.
That is the idea!
I continue to study –

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