Susan Mitchell ERYT 500 PLUS/RYT-YIN 50

Melbourne VIC, Australia
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Susan Mitchell – Melbourne

Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT/PLUS) Yoga Alliance®

Susan Mitchell has been a follower and advocate of yoga for over 30 years. Her love started at an early age, trying many different styles of yoga over the years. There was always interest and passion for alternative health and well-being. Health and personal development has always been important.

Susan is a trained naturopath and devoted meditator and the path into yoga teaching developed from the natural fit of physical health, mental wellbeing and the mind, body and spirit connection.
Susan and her daughter Clare studied teacher training together at the Australian Yoga Academy and the unique combination of recent studies, past experiences and the mother daughter relationship has resulted in a beautiful partnership at there 4 studios. White Space Yoga and Light Space Yoga.

Susan loves that yoga provides a feeling of being completely toned and massaged inside and out after yoga practice. There is sense of energy but also of calm and balance which Susan believes is unique to yoga. The increased awareness is the path you walk as you take up a regular yoga practice. An increased appreciation of the “now” and acknowledgment of being in the moment becomes noticeable and therefore changes the perception to the world around. Susan incorporates sequences and poses from the Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa Power Flow and Ashtanga traditions. An emphasis is on alignment and correction of poses to develop a safe yoga practice and of course the breath, to link the mind to the body.

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Listing Title / Name Susan Mitchell ERYT 500 PLUS/RYT-YIN 50


Expiring Date 8.1.2023
City Melbourne
State Victoria
Country Australia
Country Australia
State/Province Victoria
distance: 16,673 Kilometers
Address Melbourne VIC, Australia