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1 Seddon Street, Pukekohe, New Zealand +6421719629
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Sirpa Gunn – New Zealand

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT/PLUS) with Yoga Alliance®

SoulTree is a  friendly little yoga studio in the heart of Pukekohe offering a variety of Hatha style classes based on the classical yoga tradition. The classes are small with a maximum of 12 participants in each. Its is a relaxed environment with no pressure, judgement or expectations – a place to unwind and breathe in our hectic busy lives.
Sirpa was first introduced to yoga in the 1980’s at age 8 when her grandmother took her along to a session while on holiday in Mauritius. This early experience had a lasting impact and her interest in yoga continued to grow throughout her life. Sirpa did her level 1 teacher training with Ashram Yoga in 2015 and level 2 in 2017 a. In 2018 she gave up her business career to devote her life to sharing yoga on a full time basis.
The yoga tradition goes back thousands of years and is a much more that an exercise regime – it is a science of the body mind and soul. Many people are drawn to yoga initially to improve their flexibility and strength and soon find out these benefits are just the tip of the iceberg and the beginning of a whole new life path. Unfortunately in the west the yoga industry is much like the fashion industry in that it portrays a false image of beauty, making women in particular feel very insecure about themselves and their appearance. Just search “yoga” on the internet and you will see millions of images of young flexible lycra clad ladies doing contortionist poses in exotic locations. This is not what yoga should be about and Sirpa is trying to change this stereotype and promote yoga as a spiritual practice for everyone, no matter their age, size or fitness level.

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Country New Zealand
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