Dr. Sergio Benvenuti RYT 250 PLUS

Rome Italy
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Dr. Sergio Benvenuti – Roma

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT/PLUS) with Yoga Alliance®

Namaste’, I am Sergio Benvenuti, I am 59 years old and i am a paediatrician. Amongst my interests, there is also the study of the human body, so I studied homeopathy. As a natural consequence of this, I started studying yoga to encapsulate my whole knowledge in one global vision. I try to live to help the world, not for my ego because I think that yoga can be just the right thing for it. Because of my work I don’t have a lot of time, but, ever in those few minutes I do try to do my best. I wish I could share my life with everyone and try to “return home”, the same home from which we all came, and to which we all are going.






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City Roma
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Country Italy
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