Seema Rani RYT 500

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
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Seema Rani – Gold Coast

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance®

I was first introduced to yoga in class four when a Yogi visited our school. His powerful impression evoked something inside me and the journey began. I grew up in a small village in India living the life of Yoga and Ayurveda. My parents embedded the seeds of Karma Yoga, compassion and Bhakti yog in my heart. My grandfather was the epitome of a yogi who always Inspired and guided me. I was blessed by Baba Lakhi Natha and many other enlightened Yogis.

Later on Swami Shankrananda Giri initiated me in Kriya Yoga. I have had my yoga trainings under the guidance of experienced Masters. I strongly believe in traditional Yoga and Bhagwad Geeta. To me yoga is much more than the physical part. It transcendence physical, casual and astral body. It is a journey from Annamaya Kosh to Aanandmaya Kosh. It is a continuous growth of the soul within. It is about dissolving the afflictions of the mind and practicing devotion and compassion. It’s about exploring the universe within and finding the true identity of the self.

I guide the seekers through their path using different styles and series of aasan, pranayam,mantra,meditation. I’m also an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant hence help people looking after themselves in more conscious way.  To me life is a journey, Hiranyagarbha (Golden womb) is destination, Yoga and Ayurveda is the path which takes one to The Supreme, to The Golden Womb.

Listing Title / Name Seema Rani RYT 500

RYT 500

Expiring Date 27.7-2019
City Gold Coast
State Qld
Country Australia
Country Australia
State/Province Queensland
distance: 15,501 Kilometers
Address Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia