Ruting Sae Teo ERYT 500

Melbourne VIC, Australia
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Ruting Sae Teo – Melbourne

Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT with Yoga Alliance®

I graduated from the Australian Yoga Academy and Universal Yoga. My trainings have honed my knowledge and skills as a promising Yogacharya (Yoga Teacher). This has provided me with all the tools that I require to effectively communicate the discipline of Yoga to my students. I possess a solid understanding of physical Asana postures, its anatomy and physiology. This is essential in preserving the health and safety of Yoga students. My teaching is not limited to its physical lineage of Yoga, it also explores the other limbs of Yoga such as meditation, Pranayama breath techniques and philosophy. This enables me to deliver the wisdom of Yoga from different approaches.

I have been teaching since 2012 and I have taught in several different environments. This has provided me with the experience and knowledge of working with different people from all different factors of life and health levels. I am constantly improving my teaching skills to suit the needs of my students and to be able to convey yoga to them in a manner that’s most suited to their needs.

My job is to assist students to find that balance and abundance from within. I would lead the path for them to begin to understand themselves and show them the way to unify the mind and body. Every body speaks its own language designed for only one self to listen to and learn from. I would encourage and inspire them physically, emotionally and spiritually to understand the body as an individual.





Listing Title / Name Ruting Sae Teo ERYT 500

ERYT 500

Expiring Date 8.09.2023
City Melbourne
State Victoria
Country Australia
Country Australia
State/Province Victoria
distance: 16,673 Kilometers
Address Melbourne VIC, Australia