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Rossella Ramundo Orlando – Roma

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT/PLUS ) with Yoga Alliance® Italia

Rossella Ramundo Orlando was born in Rome

I started practicing Yoga as I was already a pole dance coach. I needed to increase my flexibility and a friend reccommend Yoga.As I followed the lessons I understood that in reality, not only my muscles stretched but also strengthened!And also to benefit it was not only the physical but also the mind! In this regard, I have a personal anecdote that I often tell when I want to make others understand the sense of mental harmony that you have at the end of a yoga class:a few years ago I was embroiled in a “sick” and with no future sentimental relationship that it stole me a lot of energy.

And I remember very well the sensations and the psychological tranquillity that the Power Yoga lessons brought me at that time.So much so that one day,immediately after training,something clicked on me,it is difficult to explain in words,but it was a sense of lightness and liberation that prompted me to call that negative person for me,and to finish what it was just drying up my positive energies.But I did it without rancor or anger. Since that day a new awareness has sprung up in me, I understood that yoga practice was not “healing” only my flexibility, my balance and my strength on a physical level,but above all on a mental level.Needless to say,I couldn’t help it anymore! And this is exactly what I would like to try to convey to my future students.





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