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Roberto Laurenzi – Roma

Master Yoga Teacher (MYT) registered with Yoga Alliance® Italia

Born in Terni, Roberto for the past twenty years attended numerous Yoga, Qi-gong, Natural Medicine, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine courses, and massages in Italy, France, Spain, Belgium and Switzerland, with the best European, Indian, Chinese and US specialists; in 2014 completed the First World Master’s Degree in Yoga at the Ca’ Foscari Challenge School; in 1980 he founded the Feder Yoga, through which he trains over 1000 yoga teachers; in 1985 he founded EFOA-University (currently present in 25 locations), through which he began training thousands of shiatsu, naturopathy, ayurvedic massage, Chinese massage, reflexology, pranotherapy, mtc, Ayurveda and more; in 1990 he founded Endas-Yoga, a part of the Endas (a recognized social promotion body) associating dozens of clubs and hundreds of members.






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Master Yoga Teacher

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Country Italy
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