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Roberto Laurenzi – Roma

Master Yoga Teacher (MYT) registered with Yoga Alliance® Italia

Born in Terni, Roberto for the past twenty years attended numerous Yoga, Qi-gong, Natural Medicine, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine courses, and massages in Italy, France, Spain, Belgium and Switzerland, with the best European, Indian, Chinese and US specialists; in 2014 completed the First World Master’s Degree in Yoga at the Ca’ Foscari Challenge School; in 1980 he founded the Feder Yoga, through which he trains over 1000 yoga teachers; in 1985 he founded EFOA-University (currently present in 25 locations), through which he began training thousands of shiatsu, naturopathy, ayurvedic massage, Chinese massage, reflexology, pranotherapy, mtc, Ayurveda and more; in 1990 he founded Endas-Yoga, a part of the Endas (a recognized social promotion body) associating dozens of clubs and hundreds of members.

Professional Credentials:

2014 – diploma at the First World Master’s Degree in Yoga at the University of Ca ’Foscari Challenge School (Venice9;

2006 – EFOA University obtains the ISO-9001 World Quality Certification;

2003 – 2006 in Switzerland, together with Francoise Berlette, gets the prestigious position from Andre’ Van Lysebeth to replace him in the conduct of his forty-year international Yoga seminars;

1993 – he holds an internship in Yoga, at the prestigious international seminars of Andre ’Van Lysebeth in France;

1981-1989 – He founds and directs the magazines “Yoga”, “Yoga Notiziario” and “Yoga for a Positive Existence” and “Maieutica”, publishing over 10,000 pages;

1985 – he transforms the Feder Yoga in the EFOA University (currently in 25 locations), through which thousands of operators of Shiatsu, Naturopathy, Ayurvedic Massage, Chinese Massage, Reflexology, Pranotherapy, TCM and others, beginning to train them directly;

1980 – He founds the ANY (National Yoga Association) which he then transforms into Feder Yoga, through which he trains over 1000 yoga teachers.


He has published “La via dello Yoga”, and produced hundreds of lecture notes on holistic disciplines he has experience, producing over 3,000 pages.

He also worked for nine years in editing and writing dozens of articles on “Yoga International”, the international yoga magazine created by Andre ’Van Lysebeth and carried on after his death.

Teaching and Methods:

In Yoga he creates eight new methods of Yoga: Juñjana-Yoga, Hatha-Vidyā, Prāna-Vidyā, Krama-Vidyā, Yoga of Power, Yoga Power Therapy, Prānotherapy with Yoga and Siddha-Yoga (Chakra Puja), re-elaborates and gives his own address in Kuṇḍalinī-Yoga and Kriyā-Yoga.

He develops a peculiar system of psychic restructuring: the “Deep Language” which quickly regenerates the dystonia of the mind and the psyche and which develops potential and spiritual growth, reworking Yoga, Meditation, Buddhist Psychology, Sākhya, Philosophy of Man, Hermeticism and Psychoanalysis.






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