Raul Pilotti ERYT 1500 Italy

Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy
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Raul Pilotti – Rome

Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT) with Yoga Alliance® Italia

Raul Pilotti, after teaching swimming and water polo for the Italian Swimming Federation and attended the Institute of Physical Education, begins his yogic path in Mexico.

From 1993 to 1998, he spent most of his time following a shamanic path with the indigenous Huicholes looking at Mayan Astrology. After having approached the Reflexology and Reiki, since 2000 starts to travel in India and from that moment he dedicated himself completely to yoga and meditation practice.

In 2005 he meets the Master Yogiraj Siddhanath and since than he becomes one of the prime movers in Italy of the teachings of Siddhanath Yoga Parampara,which includes primarily the teachings of Kriya Yoga by Mahavatar Babaji.

For his efforts in the spreading of Kriya Yoga and the organization of seminars in Italy, Europe and India, he was awarded the title of Acharya at first and later the title of Kriyacharyas by Yogiraj. In 2009 he graduated as a teacher of Hatha Yoga at the Sivananda Vedanta Academy and became a Reiki Master.

Since 2011 he dedicate himself to Nada Yoga, learning from the tibetan Master T.Sonam the sound massage with singing bowls and becoming Gong Master with Don Conreaux. He currently directs the school Centro Yoga 108 in Rome.






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