Paola Cardelli ERYT 500 PLUS Italy

Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy
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Paola Cardelli – Roma

Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT/PLUS) with Yoga Alliance® Italia

In 1999 I founded the school Crystals and Sciences of Light for the teaching of Yoga where I integrate the therapeutic aspect to prevent and treat the diseases of the spine in respect of the millennial tradition of Yoga with methods of breathing, relaxation, internalization and meditation of the ‘Classic Hatha Yoga I also dedicate myself with lessons (especially individual) to mental Yoga, which consists in putting into practice the philosophy and spirituality of Yoga in everyday life, in a path of growth towards one’s inner Self to relate to one’s own spiritual identity, and to be in harmony with others, with nature and with the cosmic universe that belongs to us by birth I conduct periodically in my school, meetings, small events, debates, conferences My work experience, above all in the twenty-year management of this school In the past I worked at the Academy of Giorgio Furlan I worked simultaneously at my school Crystals and Sciences of Light, in a large Holistic Center in Via Catania for several years where I had several courses I have also worked in different structures with shorter times (Wellness Center, Osteopathy study, 3 gyms, Gymnastics center for the elderly) In my professional training I have spaced a bit ‘in all areas concerning the human soul, starting around 1970 with the psychology of Freud, landing instead to Yoga around 1984






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Country Italy
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