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Milano Italy
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Dr.Nicola Pinna – Milano

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT/PLUS) with Yoga Alliance® Italia

My path in Yoga was not entirely conventional. I started in 2002 with meditation meetings in Milan with Alganesh Fessaha, doctor in Holistic Disciplines and Ayurveda. In 2017 I moved to Argentina, where I started working for Adidas Group dealing with various categories including Yoga. I start practicing Yoga supported by the master Mattias with his revolutionary individual and personalized approach that allows me to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the philosophy of Yoga. In 2009 I moved to the USA where I practiced Yoga in important studios both in Miami and Los Angeles.

In 2019 I start a sabbatical and move to India between Rishikesh, Kerala and Chennai. Here I undertake the most important path of Yoga by graduating in Hatha Yoga at the Yoga India Foundation. A complete teaching method which includes Ayurveda, Anatomy, Pranayama and Meditation. In India I certify Reiki Master and I specialize in the prevention and treatment of Emotional Blocks, Ayurvedic Marma Massage and Foot Reflexology. I continued the journey in Nepal to the Kopan Monastery practicing Vipasana Meditation and then to Thailand where I teach Yoga at the Tiger Muay Thai academy. Then I travel to Ethiopia with the Gandhi Charity Association in the refugee camps and then to the Ivory Coast and Benin to the reception centers for orphaned children where I teach them Yoga and Meditation. Currently I teach Yoga and Meditation both in Group and with an individual approach and I organize Yoga itineraries and retreats throughout Sardinia.





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