Marta Benvenuti RYT 250 PLUS Italy

Rome Italy
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Marta Benvenuti – Roma

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT/PLUS) with Yoga Alliance® Italia

Namaste’. My name is Marta Benvenuti and I’m 31 years old. I found in yoga the answers to all those questions I have always had in my life. I can describe myself as many things: a psychologist, a very passionate salsa and bachata dancer, a book-lover, a casual poem’s writer, a daughter, a fiance’ and, as I found out some months ago, a mum to be. Yoga, for me, gives meaning to everything and answers to every question, as well as the divine is in every single thing around us and in the meantime inside everyone of us: we’ve only forgotten it! Yoga is a wonderful journey to “come back home”, “to find us again where we belong to”, and this is what I’d like to share practicing it.





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