Dr.Marco Rivara Expert Teacher (ET) Italy

Genova, Italy
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Dr.Marco Rivara – Genova

Registered Expert Teacher (ET) with Yoga Alliance® Italia

I started practicing yoga  more than twenty  years ago to improve my performance in marathons and ultra-trail runs to reduce its side effects.

I have a degree in Sports Science, in Physical Therapy and in Ostheopathic Medicine. This wide training provides me with a comprehensive vision, both functional and rehabilitative, of yoga practitioners.

I teach osteopathy at University and I work as an advisor to yoga teachers in the field of Yoga Therapy and Disability Yoga for Special Population.

I believe that a thorough knowledge of the human body is essential to respect it and avoid lesions and injuries.

One of my rules is doing good work lovingly and in the most joyful and safe way.





Listing Title / Name Dr.Marco Rivara

ET - Expert Teacher

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City Genova
Country Italy
Country Italy
State/Province Liguria
distance: 6,499 Kilometers
Address Genova, Italy