Marco Migliavacca ERYT 350/RYT 250 PLUS LVL1 Italy

Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
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Marco Migliavacca

Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT) with Yoga Alliance® Italia

Marco first approaches yoga in Barcelona in 2005.After practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa and Vinyasa for three years, he decides to enrol in the Dynamic Yoga Mandiram teacher training, whose teachings he still follows, travelling regularly to Barcelona.

On his return Marco decided to start offering regular classes and totally devote himself to studying and researching the various aspects of yoga.

In Berlin, he joins an intensive five day training with Sharon Gannon and David Life, where he finds new ideas for deepening the practice.

After meeting David C. Kyle, Marco becomes interested in Rocket Yoga, and four years later he decides to join a Rocket Yoga training.

Marco travelled to India to deepen his Vinyasa practice with Vijay Amar and Prabu of the Universal Yoga Center of Dharamsala where he also studied Reiki and philosophy.

In 2012, he founded the Hohm street yoga school in Milan. The school begin growing with more teachers joining the team, including Giovanna De Paulis, who becomes partner and administrator in 2013.

During his staying in Varanasi, Marco meet Sunil Kumar of the Yoga Training Centre, and starts following a vinyasa yoga and pranayama path that still takes him back there to follow Sunil’s teachings and to pursue his studies of Advaita Vedanta.

In 2013, Marco travelled to Sweden to participate in the first module of the Yin Yoga teacher training conducted by Biff Mithoefer, a revelatory encounter that led him to research the yin and yang relationship during practice. Hohm street yoga is currently hosting Biff for a Yin Yoga and Taoism Immersion, and the first module of his Yin Yoga TTC.

In Sweden, Marco also meets Prema Mayi Dasi who introduced him to the practice of Bhakti Yoga.

In 2014, Marco followed Prema during a 16 days pilgrimage journey in the Bhakti places of origin (Puri, Vrindavan and Nabadwip), where he learns meditation, Pujas, Kirtan and continues to study the Bhakti Vedanta lineage.

In India, he also goes to Bodhgaya to practise Buddhist meditation.

For the past three years Marco has been attending the Barcelona Yoga Conference in order to practise different styles of yoga and meet with other teachers to invite to Milan to share their experience with the Hohm street yoga students.

In 2015, after years of work and research, Marco and Giovanna launch ‘Officina Yoga’: the first Hohm street Yoga teacher training course.





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ERYT 350 Italy

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