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Manola Salvian – Oderzo -Treviso

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT/PLUS) with Yoga Alliance® Italia

A soul in continuous transformation. My passion for Yoga started as a child even though I started practicing late. I worked as a bartender and waitress for a long time. After experiencing the benefits for myself, I decided to train as a teacher for children with the Balyayoga method (100H). This training awakens my inner child, bringing to light various attitudes I had forgotten. I share this method on several occasions, free public events, school trips, and private courses. My love for Yoga leads me to choose the first training as a teacher for adults at the Shanta Pani School in Tortona (TTC 200H).

I like this dynamic style: Vinyasa Yoga Dhara, because in addition to combining movement with breathing and concentration in a fluid way, it allows everyone to practice thanks to variations of the Asanas. My journey continues, I participate in further advanced training courses and workshops to teach people of all ages, and I meet other great Western and Indian masters who lead me to a great introspection and to a continuous evolution of my practice. I continue to study and teach to both children and adults. I travel to India to learn more about this ancient discipline and the great teachings of the Masters. I obtain a training of 100H with them. I take home a special enriching experience that I can share with the others, both adults and children, In the knowledge that in order to teach you must always remain a student.  Namaskar





Listing Title / Name Manola Salvian RYT 350

RYT 350

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City Oderzo
Country Italy
Country Italy
State/Province Veneto
distance: 6,671 Kilometers
Address Oderzo Italy