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Lavinia Algranati – Rome

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT/PLUS) with Yoga Alliance®

In 2018 I obtained the certificate of Instructor MovingYoga 250h and the diploma of Instructor Yoga Gymnastics CSEN.
I participated with YogaArte in June 2015 at the Yoga Festival of Matera, in September 2016 at the Yoga Festival in Rome and in October 2019 at the Yoga Festival in Milan.
I have followed intensive workshops and seminars of both my teachers and international teachers, from Italy (Roberto Milletti, Francesca Cassia, Jacopo Ceccarelli, Piero Vivarelli) and from the rest of the world (Suresh Kumar, David Sye), always trying to enrich this infinite journey which is yoga.

In 2019 I participated in the CSEN Yoghiadi with the SSD YogaArte team, adult category second level, which came first in the Provincials, in the Lazio Regionals and in the National Competition that was held in Rome on 13 October 2019. Together with the other members of the team Alessandro Fabrizi, Chiara Francavilla, Giovanna Nicodemo and Flavia Ricci, as first classified, at the National Yoghiadi, in our category, we received the recognition, “Yoga Alliance International/Italia Certificate Hall of Fame”.

I continue to practice MovingYoga and I am completing training at the YogaArte School to achieve the title of Teacher MovingYoga 500h.

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