Kylie Walker RYT 250 PLUS

Brisbane, QLD, Australia
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Kylie Walker – Brisbane

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance Australia

My first memory of yoga was as an energetic pre-schooler in the 70’s, dancing around our lounge room watching Swami Sarasvati on morning TV while my mum practiced. I’m told I tried out a few asanas with mum & Swami then, but even so I did not actually ‘find’ yoga for myself until the next century!

Although I have practiced yoga for ten years now it was not until I found real solace in it during an intense period of mental health challenges that I realised what a positive force for change yoga truly can be.

That was when my desire to help others through yoga began, and – being the mother of a radiant & cheeky pre-schooler myself – I decided that yoga for kids would also be part of that journey.

I teach to help others connect with their compassion & courage, to shine brightly. I teach alignment based yoga, slow flow, and yoga for kids.

Shine Bright Yoga is for every one – every age, mind, body and soul.

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Country Australia
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