Katia Nervo RYT 250 PLUS LVL 1 ADV Italy

Conegliano Italy
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Katia Nervo – Conegliano

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT/PLUS) with Yoga Alliance Italia

I have been practising Yoga and meditation for many years. The wish of continuos detailed study me arrived in 2017 to a course of formation triennial like the teacher of Hatha Yoga at epiphany tantric. The Yoga is become section integrated of my routine and away perceive deep assistance, and my emotion is more valance and my mind more stable. I wish to share the Yoga’s paractice with love, like movement and breath but above all like style of life.



Listing Title / Name Katia Nervo RYT 250 PLUS LVL 1 ADV Italy

RYT 250 PLUS LVL 1 ADV Italy

Expiring Date Active
City Conegliano
Country Italy
Country Italy
State/Province Veneto
distance: 6,651 Kilometers
Address Conegliano Italy