Karl Jaross ERYT 500 PLUS

Newcastle NSW, Australia
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Karl Jaross – Newcastle

Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT/PLUS) with Yoga Alliance®

Karl is a Newcastle native, and Indigenous Australian who has acquired a deep connection with nature and the unseen realms; he calls himself an intuitive and believes true wisdom comes from experience. Karl’s sole purpose is helping create positive change in our society.

He has a Diploma in Advanced Horticulture and studied Bush Food Production on the far North Coast with forest forager Peter Hardwick. From high-rise construction concrete placement, to living at sea for months at a time he has journeyed in search for true meaning.

From an early age personal transformation and change were a life and death situation for him and the beginning of a long road to personal power and freedom. As the years passed he found meditation the key ingredient to maintaining purpose and health. Yet it wasn’t until he attended his first yoga class that the final piece came into play. Yoga became a way to experience out the stresses and strains of life, not only had he found a way to cleanse his mind, but his physical body as well.

In 2006 he completed 360 hours Teacher Training with his great friend Joanna Moore.

Karl returned to Newcastle from QLD in 2010 to introduce its people to Hot Power Yoga, Yin Yoga and Yin/Yang Yoga Teacher Training, he is also accredited with providing its community with highly professional and successful Prenatal and Mums and Bubs yoga classes.

In 2014 he trained with Yin Master Paul Grilley:

(Thailand 2013 YYTT Level 1: Anatomy & Theory)

(California 2015 YYTT Level 2: Chakras & Meridians)

Baron Baptiste Power Yoga Training 2009 Wollongong Australia

The Art Of Assisting 2010 Power Living Sydney Australia

Karl’s classes consist of Flow to Yin, followed by Chakra Meditations.

He is a Yoga Alliance Australia International accredited yoga teacher.





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