Hohm Street Yoga RYS 250 PLUS/CEAS Italy

Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
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Hohm Street Yoga – Milano

Yoga Registered School with Yoga Alliance® Italia

The invitation of Hohm street yoga is to undress everything and to synchronize body and mind with breath.

Yoga is a constant invitation to experience, our nature and the nature we are part of, to become aware of who we are and to make friends with ourselves, and it is precisely this desire to create a space open to everyone where You can constantly research with others, who has taken school form.

Hohm street yoga, wants to convey everything that over the years the teachers have been able to seize and experience through yoga, mainly starting from the practice of vinyasa and yin yoga, and then in time introduce more and more insights like pranayama, Ayurveda, restoration and meditation, as well as the constant workshops that each month enrich the calendar to share more and more in depth the many aspects of this discipline.

The vision of Hohm is born from the idea that every person can know their own path by walking, starting with a deep respect for the freedom of each one. At Hohm we transmit yoga in a dogmatic manner so that everyone can recognize and respect their path and discover the pleasure of enjoying the experience rather than having to constantly reach a goal.

Yoga is in the reach of all and not just in reference to asanas (postures) which, though being the most commonly applied on the mat, remain, however, only one of the aspects of this discipline, but specifically as a common starting point for living the city .

Practicing today in a big city, with a lifestyle of the West, hectic pace and a high level of stress, is the true challenge of [hohm] who wants to be a point of reference for those who want to carve daily a space to take care of themselves Themselves and the community, choosing to cultivate the equanimity that is practiced on the mat even in everyday life.


Listing Title / Name Hohm Street Yoga RYS 250 PLUS/CEAS


Expiring Date Active
City Milano
Country Italy
Country Italy
State/Province Lombardia
distance: 6,461 Kilometers
Address Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy