Helen Goodwin RYT 250 PLUS

Brisbane QLD, Australia
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Helen Goodwin – Brisbane

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance®

Helen has been practising yoga for six years, gravitating towards vinyasa yoga for its flowing style and the way it encourages a moving meditation. While she initially started yoga to experience its physical benefits, it wasn’t long before she started to appreciate a deep sense of calm and contentment during her practice. Yoga has helped her deal with tough times off the mat, and she loves the way it offers a way to connect her body, breath and mind. Helen has recently completed her vinyasa yoga training at Brisbane Yoga Space and is excited to share her love of yoga with others.





Listing Title / Name Helen Goodwin RYT 250 PLUS


Expiring Date 22.05.19
City Brisbane
State Qld.
Country Australia
Country Australia
State/Province Queensland
distance: 15,501 Kilometers
Address Brisbane QLD, Australia