Guru Karan Singh ERYT 1500 India

Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India
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Guru Karan Singh – Jodhpur- Rajasthan India

Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT) with Yoga Alliance®

Guru Karan Singh is the founder and owner of “Utamber Yoga Institute” in breathtaking Rajasthan also one of the very few ISO 9001 2008 certified yoga school in the world since 2015. He was born in year 1969 . He has experience of teaching personalized yoga more than 20000 thousand hours.

He got married to Ms. Jaya Kanwar in 1997and got two children. One son Surveer Singh (born in 1998) & one daughter Kasika (born in 2002). Yoga means to me Y- Young, O- Opportunity, G – Grab, A- Again.

Has done P. G. Diploma in Yoga, M. D. in Acc.,Master of Science in yoga & naturopathy, Master Yoga Teacher & Chakra & Aura Certificate teacher.

Definition: Guru is a word which comes from:

Gu – dark gooey attachment.

Roo – a (liberating) ray of light.

The word guru means teacher in Sanskrit.

To get more peace, health and pleasure through yoga. We welcome to come at our yoga centre to learn not only about how yoga can help to keep a fit body but also how yogic values, applied in daily life, can help retain a peaceful mind and spirit.

Yoga Guru Karan Singh shows the yogic teachings logical and available to all by make simpler them into five points, showing specific ways to develop physical and mental health as well as spiritual growth through ~ Proper Exercise (Asanas), Proper Breathing (Pranayama), Proper Relaxation (Savasana), Proper Diet (vegetarian), Positive Thinking (Vedanta) and Meditation (Dhyana).






Listing Title / Name Guru Karan Singh ERYT 1500 India

ERYT 1500 India

Expiring Date 24.1 2022
City Jodhpur
Country India
Country India
State/Province Rajasthan
distance: 11,825 Kilometers
Address Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India