Dr.Giulia Turco RCYT/Associate Yoga Student Italy

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Dr.Giulia Turco – Palermo

Registered Children Yoga Teacher (RCYT) with Yoga Alliance® Italia

I’ve been practising Ashtanga yoga and Vipassana meditation for a while.
I’ve attended an Acroyoga course and, whilst pregnant I kept practising yoga and meditation, attending to sound healing sessions with Gongs and tibetan bells.
Practising yoga I can feel my energy flowing and reaching all my body, along with a clear and vivid sensation which is often accompanied by a sense of wholeness and peace throughout my heart and mind.

The artistic work I’ ve been conducting with children helped me keeping this passion alive by sharing my creativeness, on a path of purity of intentions and simplicity.

I’ve chosen to study yoga for children in order to rediscover happiness in simple things, such as in movement and through narrating stories together.





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RCYT/Associate Yoga Student

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