Giulia Mariotti ERYT 250 PLUS Italy

Rome Italy
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Giulia Mariotti – Roma

Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT/PLUS) registered with Yoga Alliance®

I started practicing yoga in 2009. Years later, in 2016 I attended and completed the teacher training course. It was a beautiful journey of inner growth and self-knowledge, which finally allowed me to combine my interest in spirituality by connecting it to the experience of connecting with the body.

Yoga in fact means precisely “union”, of body and mind, of yin and yang. For me now it is a reconciliation, an encounter of anchoring on Mother earth, while remaining open to perceiving the vibration of the divine in every small daily gesture.

It is a personal and inner journey, different for anyone, it depends on each one’s predispositions, inclinations and experiences.
In my classes, I try to convey to my students the importance of being in the present moment, anchoring the breath to the fluidity of movement and increasing awareness of each one’s body and inner essence.





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