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Ravenna, Province of Ravenna, Italy
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Dr. Francesca Proia – Ravenna

Registered Master Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance® Italia

One of the most unique and suggestive artist of the italian dancing scene, Francesca Proia has collaborated for a long time with the choreographer Monica Francia and butoh dancer Masaki Iwana. Proia has been a choreography assistant and dancer for the director Romeo Castellucci. Starting from 2004, Francesca elaborates a personal and unique choreographic path, together with Danilo Conti, actor, director and author. Her work focuses on the body and its energy in relation with objects, spaces and perceptions.

Proia starts practicing and studying yoga in 1992, achieving, little by little, an international and specialized background. She keeps researching on yoga origins.

As a writer, she has published Declinazioni yoga dell’immagine corporea (Titivillus Edizioni, 2011); La strada collettiva (Il Vicolo Editore, 2015); La cattura del respiro – Piccola guida yoga del Signor Pranayama (Edizioni del Girasole, 2017). She has written essays and contributions appeared on several magazines and books.

In 2016 she has created Mìnera, an online yoga school retracing the organic, mineral path between hatha and raja yoga. (www.minerascuoladiyoga.com).

She has invented atypical and temporary forms of yoga connected-experiences, giving life to itinerary schools, performances and perceptive events. She regularly teaches yoga in Ravenna.

Graduated with honors in Conservation of Musical Heritage (Università di Bologna).



“Declinazioni Yoga dell’immagine Corporea” – Titivillus Edizioni 2011

“La Strada Collettiva” – Il Vicolo Editore 2015

La cattura del respiro Piccola guida yoga del Signor Pranayama” Edizioni del Girasole 2017

Next publication “Indigena alla terra” – Il Vicolo Editore 


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Master Yoga Teacher

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Address Ravenna, Province of Ravenna, Italy