Francesca Mazzotti RYT-YIN LVL 1

Kalamunda WA, Australia
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Francesca Mazzotti – Kalamunda

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance®

I taught my first yoga class in Italy, as I lived there for 16 years. I remember the awkward moment during that class when I couldn’t remember how to say “quadriceps” in Italian. Despite its challenges, teaching cross-culturally was rewarding. I was exposed to yoga as a child through my mother, but only dabbled in it during my teens and twenties. In Italy I developed chronic back pain as a result of an injury. I discovered Bikram Yoga, and practised almost daily for several years. I also consulted every type of allopathic doctor, and tried alternative treatments, to little avail. Eventually, someone mentioned this “Yin Yoga” thing. I tried it, and began a daily 90-minute practice. My back pain was completely eradicated within two weeks. I wanted to share Yin Yoga’s potential for healing with others, and that is what prompted me to pursue the teaching path. I teach from a nurturing and grounded place, in a way that is accessible and meaningful. I have chosen to train vertically, specialising in Yin Yoga, rather than having Yin as an adjunct to more dynamic styles. My initial Yin Yoga teacher training consisted of 200 hours under the tutelage of Jo Phee and Joe Barnett. I have since completed the Insight Yoga Institute’s Primary and Secondary Level trainings with Sarah Powers, in which Yoga, Mindfulness, Buddhism and Psychology are interwoven into an integral practice. I have also been admitted into the IYI’s 500-hour certification programme, which further explores these themes and practices.






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