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Francesca Bonsignori – Roma

Master Yoga Teacher (MYT) registered with Yoga Alliance® Italia

From the mid-80s she approaches the disciplines of the natural sector: yoga, shiatsu, qi gong and naturopathy. Since then she has dedicated herself full time, both as an operator and as a teacher of the EFOA training schools, participating in the structuring of the programs and in the development of the school’s methodology. He collaborates in the preparation and constant updating of teaching material (lecture notes, videos), most of which is available as publications. She regularly refines and updates his training, participating in numerous congresses and stages.

She has been a yoga teacher since 1990, and since 1992 has regularly held EFOA courses in yoga teacher training at the Milan, Olbia, and most of the summer full-immersion training seminars. She regularly publishes one of his articles on every issue of the bi-monthly magazine “Vivere lo Yoga” since 2008.

She has also written various publications currently available, including “Yoga for the eyes” and “Yoga in pregnancy”. She has regularly written articles on Yoga International, a magazine in French, published since 1964 by Andre’ Van Lysebeth, and carried out by the EFOA group from 2005 to 2012, actively collaborating with it.

She elaborates his own method of Tao Yoga – Qi Gong, which teaches and trains teachers since 2000. Several articles of Tao Yoga have been published in the journal YOGA +a.

Francesca closely follows everything concerning the DBN (Disciplines for Natural Wellbeing) at the institutional level since the beginning of the 1990s, where she participates in meetings at the CNEL on the work of elaboration of the professional profiles of the Operators. She also participates in the activities of the FNSS (National Federation of Shiatsu Schools – vice president since 2007) and of the FISieo (Italian Shiatsu Teachers and Operators Federation – in Executive since 2011).

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